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(This Page maintained by the MAIMES Team, Craig Robinson and Kathryn Twinn) [map courtesy of Daniel Grey]

MAIMES Update 31 July 2018 - 34 MPs signed up and 157 MPs adopted!


In conjunction with Life the Basic Manual (LTBM), Dr Myhill has produced another YouTube video on the MAIMES campaign. In this YouTube, Dr Myhill discusses the chances of getting a fair hearing of her complaint against the PACE authors. You can see this YouTube video here:


We have had our first PARTY LEADER sign up to MAIMES - Sir Vince Cable has signed his MAIMES slip and has said that he hopes to raise our case in Parliament. If you have a LibDem MP and are able to try and convince them to sign up, then now is a good time - you can tell them that their party leader has signed up!

Key Vince Cable small.jpg


Facebook group member, Veronica Higginson with David Warburton MP, one of our newest signed up MPs. Well done Veronica! 30743703 10155589084751194 264374414452430496 n.jpg



  • MAIMES aims to get a Public Inquiry into the Abuse of ME Sufferers
  • What can you do to help?
  • EITHER 1- follow up on an adopted MP and try to get them to sign up to the MAIMES campaign [see list below of adopted MPs] [get friends or family to help by all means]
  • OR 2- If your MP isn't adopted yet, adopt them, by email or in person [see list of MPs below to check that your MP isn't adopted yet] [get friends or family to help by all means]
  • Just email Gail ( ) and she will tell you what to do


In conjunction with Life the Basic Manual (LTBM), Dr Myhill has produced a YouTube video on the MAIMES campaign. You can see this YouTube video here:

Thanks go to LTBM, whose YouTube channel can be found here:

Life the Basic Manual YouTube Channel


NICE has made the decision to fully update its guideline on ME/CFS! Please see this link for details:

What does this mean for MAIMES?

It is great news and gives even extra impetus to the campaign!

When you contact your MP, by email, 'phone or in person:

  • If you have already been In contact with an MP, and they didn't sign up, please get back in contact with them and tell them all about this NICE review and how this action supports MAIMES
  • Make sure you tell them this news!
  • Ensure that they know the significance of what NICE is doing - they have accepted that there is enough evidence to question the use of Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in CFS/ME - this supports the key thrust of the MAIMES campaign.





Dr Myhill's new book "Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis" (2nd Edition)

Introduction to MAIMES

If you would like such a Public Inquiry, then please read on. Dr Myhill has formed the MAIMES campaign - Medical Abuse in ME Sufferers - and the preliminary but very important stage in this campaign is detailed below.
Dr Myhill is in contact with very many support groups and is sending out the same message to them.


  • An Adopted MP = this MP has been contacted or is due to be contacted by a MAIMES volunteer. An adopted MP has not yet signed up to the campaign. MAIMES volunteers can still arrange to meet these MPs and try to convince them. See below for more details!
  • A Signed Up MP = this MP has signed up to the MAIMES campaign to have a Public Inquiry into the abuse of ME sufferers


  • This is a campaign to get MPs to sign slips that will be used to demand a Public Inquiry into the abuse of ME sufferers over the last few decades. This campaign is called MAIMES. [the slip calls for a Public Inquiry]
  • The first goal is to sign up as many MPs as possible to the aims of MAIMEs. Once we have sufficient MPs on side we will approach the Secretary of Health to demand a Public Inquiry
  • We first need “adopters” who are physically able to attend their MPs’ surgery and also who feel that they can explain the issues as detailed below in as convincing a manner as possible! Please - we don't want anyone to feel pressurised in any way to do this. Our goal is to make people better not worsen their condition by attempting something they are not capable of. This is why we also suggest family, friends or carers getting involved where this may be possible.
  • If you can be such an “adopter” please email your details and your MP’s name and constituency details to Gail (
  • Gail will then send the adopter [ie YOU!] a free copy of Dr Myhill’s new book second edition: “CFS/ME – it’s mitochondria not hypochondria”. Your chosen MP becomes 'Adopted' at this stage
  • Attend your local MPs surgery, give him/her the copy of the book, show them Chapter 1 and try to convince to them to sign the slip!
  • If you are successful, please scan the slip and return it to Gail ( At this point your chosen MP becomes 'Signed Up'
  • If you cannot convince your MP to sign the slip, please leave them with the more detailed ‘MAIMES letter’ - see below for link to detailed MAIMES letter. Please also continue to contact your adopted MP and try to convince them via sheer persistence!
  • We prefer the adopter to be able to visit physically but if you are too ill to attend then please email Gail and ask to become an email adopter
  • If your constituency MP has already been adopted by someone else, then you can still try and convince them - use the information below and either visit your MP or email them. The more people who contact their constituency MPs in this way, the better!
  • Also if you want to go in groups to visit your constituency MPs then please do - this will also improve things as it will mean that there is less chance of brain fog getting in the way of persuasion - two heads are better than one!
  • Or if you feel that friends and family or your carer or anyone could act on your behalf then that would be great too!


Campaign MAIMEs (Medical Abuse In ME sufferers)

For decades PWME (‘People With ME’) have been subject to medical abuse by doctors who have repeatedly refused to accept that this illness has a physical basis. The evidence for this is:

  • Patient testimony. PWME suffer clear physical symptoms but are told by their doctors that these are “all in the mind”. They are made to feel like hypochondriacs. As a result, PWME have been denied proper treatments, compensation, disability and pension rights. See [1] below for details of this Patient Testimony.
  • Such abused patients have organised themselves into support groups. These groups have lobbied valiantly but have failed to achieve proper recognition for their disease. These groups include: Gulf War Veterans, carbon mon-oxide poisoned PWME, Sheep Dip flu PWME, Aerotoxic pilots, 9/11 fireman, survivors of silicone PWME, sick building syndrome, mercury amalgam poisoned PWME, Lyme disease and co-infections and many others at home and abroad.
  • PWME are at best referred to a team in which a psychiatric and symptom suppressing approach is applied. The psychiatrists employ two “therapeutic” tools namely Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Graded Exercise Therapy (GET). These tools were subject to a Government funded trial (called ‘PACE’) which purported to show evidence of their effectiveness. This study has now been shown to be scientifically flawed. The PACE trial is at best incompetent and at worst a fraud and yet its conclusions are still believed and applied to PWME. In consequence, the above abuses were and continue to be perpetrated. Patients have been given wrong advice, their condition has worsened and state welfare and other benefits have been denied on the basis of this incompetent and potentially fraudulent study. Please see [1] and [2] below for details of the harm that has been done to PWME and for details of the debunking of the PACE study.
  • Doctors who recognise the seriousness and physiological basis of ME and treat them accordingly are targeted and prosecuted by the General Medical Council. Complaints against these doctors have arisen because their recommendations do not conform with conventional medical treatments and NICE guidelines.
  • NICE Guidelines contain no logical, evidence based treatment for PWME. By contrast practitioners working outside conventional NICE Guidelines have established many effective treatments which are safe and efficacious and which get people back to work and off benefits. The British Society for Ecological Medicine, a group of likeminded medical doctors, spearheads many such techniques.

The above abuses have many parallels with the mental and physical abuse of children. Both groups are unable to properly defend themselves and are at the mercy of a misled, incompetent and ill-informed Establishment which employs many techniques to keep hold of its power-base, including cover-ups. Like the case of mentally and physically abused children it is time for a proper investigation into the abuse of ME sufferers.
Campaign MAIMEs is a drive for a Government Public Inquiry aimed at:

  • Achieving proper recognition that this is a physical illness so that patients can properly access benefits and appropriate treatments. The abuses of PWME must be reversed.
  • Rewriting NICE Guidelines using evidence based medicine that is logical, biologically plausible and with a proper scientific evidence base.
  • Establishing that PWME should be treated by practitioners with specialised training in the physical causes of ME. These practitioners should include doctors, nutritional therapists and experienced patients.


Constituency Map of UK showing adopted and signed up MPs as at 29 May 2018

The first goal is to sign up as many MPs as possible to the aims of MAIMEs. Once we have sufficient MPs on side we will approach the Secretary of Health to demand a Public Inquiry.
We need “adopters” who are physically able to attend their MPs’ surgery and also who feel that they can explain the issues as detailed above in as convincing a manner as possible!
If you can be such an “adopter” please read below to see how to get the ball rolling.

  • Once you have decided that you can do this, you become the adopter of your MP. There can be only one adopter per MP. Please email your details and the MP’s name and constituency details to Gail ( so that we can make sure that each MP has only one adopter and also to keep a “Master List” of adopted MP’s. Please see map opposite for geographical location of MPs so far adopted and also see the section below on adopted MPs.
  • We will then send the adopter [ie YOU!] a free copy of Dr Myhill’s new book second edition: “CFS – it’s mitochondria not hypochondria”. Contained within this book is the evidence base for the above. You will find this evidence mainly in Chapter 1.
  • Attend your local MPs surgery, explain the above issues, using the information on this website as a prompt, give him/her the copy of the book, show them Chapter 1 and convince them! Then ask him/her to sign the slip as below. If you are successful, please scan the slip and return it to Gail ( We will of course provide feedback with MP lists and adopters via Facebook so you can see how the campaign is growing. If you do not wish your name to appear as an MP adopter then please use a pseudonym.
  • If you cannot convince your MP to sign the slip, please leave them with the more detailed ‘MAIMES letter’ as here - PDF COPY OF DETAILED MAIMES LETTER - and also the copy of the book. It is not possible to keep the MAIMES DETAILED LETTER completely up to date with new developments and so please do make your own changes, using the documents below in the "Useful External Links" section and also the Word copy of the letter found at the bottom of this page. Then please do chase them! Please tell Gail ( that you were unable to initially convince your MP to sign the slip and then please do keep Gail ( up to date with further progress.


[1] – Patient Testimony – “Reporting of Harms Associated with Graded Exercise Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” - please see this link - “Reporting of Harms Associated with Graded Exercise Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”
[2] – Debunking of PACE study – “Can patients with chronic fatigue syndrome really recover after graded exercise or cognitive behavioural therapy? A critical commentary and preliminary re-analysis of the PACE trial” please see this link - “Can patients with chronic fatigue syndrome really recover after graded exercise or cognitive behavioural therapy? A critical commentary and preliminary re-analysis of the PACE trial”

See also Useful External Links below for more recent supporting documentation!

Confirmation Slip for MP to sign


DATE …………………………………………………………………………
I am the MP for ……………………………………………………………
NAME …………………………………………………………………………
I agree with the aims of Campaign MAIMEs to establish that:

  • ME is a physical disease with primarily physical causes.
  • That this should be properly reflected by NICE Guidelines and by NHS treatments available to ME sufferers
  • That this should be properly reflected by compensation, disability and pension benefits.
  • That we require a Government funded, cross party Public Inquiry to establish the above.
  • Date
  • Witnessed by

For you to print off -- PDF COPY OF MAIMES SLIP

Convincing your MP

  • TELL YOUR MP HOW MANY OTHER MPs HAVE BEEN ADOPTED AND HOW MANY HAVE SIGNED UP - MPs are HERD ANIMALS.There is safety in numbers for them! Presently we have 157 adopted and 34 signed up MPs
  • Show them the information in the Introduction above - download it here PDF COPY OF MAIMES INTRODUCTION AS ABOVE
  • Explain why this is of Public Importance - number of people affected is 250,000 per NHS figures - see here NHS page on CFS
  • Explain that the issues surrounding CFS/ME are very complex and that ONLY a Public Inquiry can investigate all these issues satisfactorily.
  • Try to find local issues surrounding CFS/ME - the MP must act for their own constituents - look up local support groups.
  • Emphasise the impact on children - see this paper Long Term Sickness Absence due to ME/CFS in UK Schools: An Epidemiological Study With Medical and Educational Implications and Special problems of children with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Please see the links in the "External Links" section below which contain more useful evidence and campaign tools.
  • If the MP doesn't sign, even after repeated follow ups as suggested in the section ACTION above, then ask them to put down in writing WHY they will not sign. This can then be used against them at a future date!
  • Please keep Gail up to date with all developments even in cases where your MP refuses to sign up.
  • Please forward all communication to Gail, even if it is 'negative'. Refusals are important too!

MAIMES Update 31 July 2018 - 34 MPs signed up and 157 MPs adopted!

We now have 34 MPs signed up to MAIMES. These MPs, who should be congratulated are:

  • CABLE Sir Vince
  • CAMPBELL Ronnie
  • COAKER Vernon
  • DAVIES Chris
  • DAY Martyn
  • DREW David
  • GEORGE Ruth
  • GOODWILL Robert
  • HAIGH Louise
  • HARRINGTON Richard
  • HEPBURN Stephen
  • HOYLE Sir Lindsay
  • LAKE Ben
  • LAING Eleanor
  • LAMB Norman
  • LAVERY Ian
  • LYNCH Holly
  • McGUINN Conor
  • NEWLANDS Gavin
  • O'MARA Jared
  • OWEN Albert
  • SHEERMAN Barry
  • SIMPSON David
  • SIMPSON Keith
  • WALKER Thelma
  • WEST Catherine
  • WHATELY Helen

MAIMES Update 31 July 2018 - adopted and signed up MPs as at 18 July 2018

Those in red and 'starred' are "signed up" MPs and those in black are "adopted" MPs

MP Constituency
ALI Rushanara Bow & Bethnal Green
**ANTONIAZZI Tonia** **Gower**
ARGAR Edward Charnwood
BACON Richard South Norfolk
BADENOCH Keric Saffron Walden
BALDWIN Harriet West Worcestershire
BARCLAY Stephen North East Cambridgeshire
BARRON Kevin Rother Valley
BLACK Mhairi Paisley & Renfrewshire
BLACKFORD Ian Ross, Skye and Lochaber
BLACKMAN Kirsty Aberdeen North
BLOMFIELD Paul Sheffield Central
BRADLEY Karen Staffordshire Moorlands
BRINE Steve Winchester & Chandlers Ford
BROCK Deidre Edinburgh, North & Leith
BROWN Lyn West Ham
BROWN Nick Newcastle upon Tyne East
BURGHART Alex Brentwood & Onga
BUTLER Dawn Brent Central
**CABLE Sir Vince** **Twickenham**
CADBURY Ruth Brentford & Isleworth
CAIRNS Alun Vale of Glamorgan
**CAMPBELL Ronnie** **Blyth**
CARDEN Dan Liverpool Walton
CARTLIDGE James South Suffolk
CAUFIELD Maria Lewes
CHALK Alex Cheltenham
CHAMPION Sarah Rotherham
CHAPMAN Douglas Dunfermline & West Fife
CHURCHILL Jo Bury St Edmunds
CLARKE Simon Middlesborough South & East Cleveland
**COAKER Vernon** **Gelding**
COURTS Robert Witney
CREAGH Mary Wakefield
CRYER John Leyton & Wanstead
**DAVIES Chris** **Brecon & Radnor**
DAVIES Glyn Montgomeryshire
**DAY Martyn** **Linthigow & East Falkirk**
DE PIERO Gloria Ashfield
DEBONAIRE Thangham Bristol West
DJANOGLY Jonathan Huntingdon
DODDS Anneliese Oxford East
**DREW David** **Stroud**
DUNCAN Sir Alan Rutland and Melton
DUNNE Philip Ludlow
EAGLE Maria Liverpool
EVANS Chris Caerphilly
EVENNETT David Bexleyheath & Crayford
FFYSH Marcus Yeovil
FRANCOIS Mark Rayleigh & Wickford
FREER Mike Finchley and Golders Green
**GEORGE Ruth** **High Peak**
GHANI Nusrat Wealden
GILDERNEW Michelle Fermanagh & South Tyrone
**GOODWILL Robert** **Scarborough & Whitby**
GOVE Michael Surrey Heath
GRADY Patrick Glasgow North
GRAHAM Luke Ochil & South Perthshire
GRANT Helen Maidstone & The Weald
GRANT Peter Glenrothes & Central Fife
GRAYLING Chris Epsom & Ewell
GREEN Chris Bolton West and Atherton
GREEN Damien Ashford
GREEN Kate Stretford & Urmston
GRIEVE Dominic Beaconsfield
GROGAN John Keighley & Ilkley
**HAIGH Louise** **Sheffield Heeley**
HALL Luke Thornbury and Yale
HAMMOND Stephen Wimbledon
HARDY Emma Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle
**HARRINGTON Richard** **Watford**
HARRIS Carolyn Swansea East
HAYES Helen Dulwich & West Norwood (London)
HAZZARD Chris SDLP South Down
HEALEY John Wentworth
HENDRICK Mark Preston
HENDRY Drew Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey
**HEPBURN Stephen** **Jarrow**
HERBERT Nic Arundel & South Downs
HOARE Simon North Dorset
**HOLLINGBERY George** **Meon Valley**
**HOYLE Sir Lindsay** **Chorley**
**HUDDLESTON Nigel** **Mid Worcestershire**
HUGHES Eddie Walsall North
HUNT Jeremy South West Surrey
HUSSAIN Imran Bradford East
JACK Alister Dumfries and Galloway
JENKIN Bernard Harwich & North Essex
JOHNSON Caroline Sleaford & North Hykeham
JONES Andrew Harrogate
JONES Darren Bristol North West
KEEGAN Gillian Chichester & West Sussex
KENNEDY Seema South Ribble
**LAING Eleanor** **Epping Forest**
**LAKE Ben** **Ceredigion **
**LAMB Norman** **North Norfolk**
LAMONT John Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk
LATHAM Pauline Mid Dernyshire
**LAVERY Ian** **Wansbeck**
LEADSOM Andrea South Northamptonshire
LEE Karen Lincoln
LEE Philip Bracknell
LEIGH Sir Edward Gainsborough
**LEWELL-BUCK Emma** **South Shields**
LEWIS Clive Norwich South
LIDINGTON David Aylesbury
LITTLE-PENGELLY Emma South Belfast
LUCAS Caroline Brighton Pavilion
LUCAS Ian Wrexham
**LYNCH Holly** **Halifax, West Yorkshire**
LLOYD Stephen Eastbourne
MAK Alan Havant
MANN Scott North Cornwall
MARSDEN Gordon Blackpool, South
MASKEY Paul Belfast West
MATHESON Christian City of Chester
MAY Theresa Maidenhead
McDONALD Stewart Glasgow South
**McGUINN Conor** **St Helens**
McMORRIN Anna Cardiff North
McNALLY John Falkirk
McPARTLAND Stephen Stevenage
MORDEN Jessica Newport East
MORGAN Nicky Lougborough
MORGAN Stephen Portsmouth South
MORTON Wendy Aldridge/Brownhills
MURRAY Ian Edinburgh, South
MURRAY Sheryl South East Cornwall
MURRISON Andrew South East Wiltshire
**NEWLANDS Gavin** **Paisley & Renfrewshire North**
NEWTON Sarah Truro and Falmouth
**O'MARA Jared** **Sheffield Hallam**
**OWEN Albert** **Anglesey/Ynys Mon**
PATEL Pritti Witham
PENROSE John Weston-Super-Mare
PERKINS Toby Chesterfield
PIDCOCK Laura North West Durham
POULTER Dr Dan Central Suffolk & North Ipswich
POUND Steve Ealing North
POW Rebecca Taunton Deane
PRISK Mark Hertford & Stortford
QUIN Jeremy Horsham
REES-MOGG Jacob North East Somerset
REYNOLDS Emma Wolverhampton North East
RICHIE Margaret SDLP South Down
ROBINSON Mary Cheadle Hulme South
ROWLEY Lee North East Derbyshire
RUANE Chris Vale of Clwyd
SAVILLE ROBERTS Liz Dwyfor Meirionnydd
SEELY Bob Isle of Wight
**SHANNON Jim** **Strangford**
**SHEERMAN Barry** **Huddersfield**
SHERRIFF Paula Dewsbury, Mirfield, Denby Dale & Kirkburton
SIDDIQ Tulip Hampstead and Kilburn
**SIMPSON David** **Upper Bann**
**SIMPSON Keith** **Broadland**
SKINNER Dennis Bolsover
SMITH Jeff Manchester, Withington
SMYTH Karin Bristol South
SOBEL Alex Leeds North West
SOUBRY Anna Broxtowe
**STEWART Bob** **Beckenham**
STEPHENSON Andrew Pendle
SUNAK Rishi Richmond
STONE Jamie Caithness, Easter Ross, East Sutherland
STRINGER Graham Blackley & Broughton
SWAYNE Desmon New Forest West
SWEENEY Paul Glasgow North East
THOMAS Derek St Ives
TREDINNICK David Bosworth
TREVELYAN Anne-Marie Berwick upon Tweed
TRUSS Liz South West Norfolk
VAZ Valerie Walsall South
VILLIERS Theresa Chipping Barnet
WALKER Charles Broxbourne
WALKER Robin Worcester
**WALKER Thelma** **Colne Valley**
**WARBURTON David** **Somerton & Frome**
**WEST Catherine** **Hornsey & Wood Green**
**WHATELY Helen** **Faversham and Mid Kent**
WIGGIN Bill North Herefordshire
WILLIAMS Hywel Arfon
WRAGG William Hazel Grove
WRIGHT Jeremy Kenilworth & Southam
ZAHAWI Nadhim Stratford-Upon-Avon
ZEICHNER Daniel Cambridge


Fresh from his victory against the GMC, Dr Nigel Speight is happy to endorse the MAIMES campaign. During an email exchange which covered much ground, Dr Nigel Speight signed off as follows:

"Happy to endorse MAIMEs campaign"

Thank you Nigel and well done in your historic victory against the GMC!

MAIMES Update 12 APRIL 2017 - Hope for ME and Fibro NI shows its support

Hope for ME and Fibro NI Infographic

We are very pleased that Hope for ME and Fibro Northern Ireland has shown its support for MAIMES.

Hope for ME and Fibro NI is offering Northern Ireland MPs free tickets to its 'Seeking Solutions' conference on 30 May.

Hope 4 M.E. & Fibromyalgia Northern Ireland is a registered charity run by patients and volunteers. It receives no core government funding and relies entirely on small grants and voluntary donations to operate.

Contact Details:
Hope 4 M.E. & Fibro
25 Mc Shane's Road
Co. Down
N. Ireland
BT35 7LZ



She is very much on our side and we all know what a force to be reckoned with she is! Dr Myhill has been in conversation with Countess Mar and this is what the good Countess says of MAIMES:

“I am very impressed by your MAIMES campaign and would be very happy to support you.”
“You, very cleverly, have brought in other conditions like GWS and fibromyalgia, which is just what the doctor ordered"
“It is high time that there was an inquiry.”

The second point refers to Mar’s reasoning as to why previous such campaigns have failed. ME has been seen as ‘’too narrow’’ a subject for such a wide-ranging Inquiry. This may well be a wrong perception but we have to give ‘’them’’ what ‘’they’’ want to get the whole thing started!

Countess Mar will be bringing MAIMES to the attention of the Forward-ME group at their meeting on 14 March.

Also, we have our FIRST MP signed up to the MAIMES campaign, supporting the demand for a Public Inquiry into the medical abuse of ME sufferers. Dr Myhill has persuaded Chris Davies, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire, to put his name behind MAIMES.

Useful External Links

You may wish to print these off and show them to your MP:

Other links:

PDF and Word copies of useful documents

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