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  • ==The Energy Equation== ...This is the all-important energy equation that dominates the management of CFS. It is attention to both sides of this equation that will deliver a result
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  • ...n correct evolutionary principles should not get infections. This includes the common cold. Children living within correct evolutionary principles should we are seeing more new bugs than ever before. It is this that makes the prospect of agressive viral pandemics so daunting.
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  • ...ain this is "psycho-neuro-immunology" (of the mind, the physical brain and the immune system). ...The rat will develop inflammation just as if bacteria had been rubbed in. The immune system has learned to expect bacteria and reacts appropriately.
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  • ...ime someone has been ill for several years there are often several causes. The best results are obtained by identifying as many different causes as possib ...I recommend doing the disease screening group of tests (see the bottom of the page).
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  • ...herto were inexplicable to me and provides the basis for new therapies for CFS. ...zens' Paper March 2006]]''' However, this is very much still a useful page in its own right.
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  • Here are the links to the archived news flashes: ...y Bucket"]''' '''where I discuss the use of diet and prescription drugs in the treatment of PTSD and its effect on Life's Energy Equation.'''=====
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