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I see many patients for whom we know what the micronutrient deficiency is that causes their problem, but giving those micronutrients by mouth does not help, or indeed makes them worse. What I suspect is getting in the way is the gut.

For micronutrients to get into the body to do good they must first get there! To achieve this we need the ability to digest and absorb them and the energy to do this. I suspect the latter is a problem for many of my severe ME patients. Food allergy, the fermenting gut and poor stomach, liver and pancreatic function may all be a problem.

The above may explain why so many of my sick patients do well on injections of micronutrients.

To get round this problem I am putting together some transdermal preparations to be sprayed onto the skin. A key ingredient is DMSO - this passes through skin like a knife through butter and carries through all dissolved within it. DMSO is a naturally occuring organic sulphur containing molecule, derived from tree bark and closely reltaed to MSM (a useful treatment for arthritis). See Dimethyl sulfoxide on Wikipedia.

The early clinical feedback has been most encouraging and I am in the throes of measuring blood levels of micronutrients before and after treatment - watch this space!. In the interim the following are available:

Transdermal (TD) minerals

A unique mix of minerals in an organic carrier to ensure excellent absorption through skin. One spray shot delivers 0.2ml of TM containing the following elemental weights of mineral: Magnesium 14mgs, Zinc 1.2 mgs, Iron 600mcgs, Boron 120mcgms Iodine 60mcgms Copper 40mcgms Manganese 40mcgms Molybdenum 8 mcg Selenium 8 mcg Chromium 8mcg Vitamin B12 200 mcg and Vitamin D 200iu. The daily dose is 10 spray shots per 4 stone (25kg) of body weight, up to a maximum of 25 spray shots daily, enough for a 10 stone (or 64 kg) person. To be sprayed all over the body after a daily shower or bath. Allow to dry for a few minutes. TM must be applied to clean skin, free from chemicals including perfumes and cosmetics.

Weight Daily Dose
2 stone (13kg) 5 spray shots once daily
4 stone (25kg) 10 spray shots
6 stone (38kg) 15 spray shots
8 stone (51kg) 20 spray shots
10 stone (64kg) 25 spray shots

MAXIMUM DAILY DOSE More than 10 stone (64kg) - 25 spray shots.

Transdermal (TD) magnesium

Contains one gram of magnesium chloride per ml (100mgs of elemental magnesium). To be used in any condition where magnesium may be helpful. Clinically this seems to be especially useful for muscle pain or spasm.

Transdermal (TD) vitamin B12

Contain 5mgs (5,000mcg) of cyanocobalamin per ml.

I am very much hoping that these transdermal preparations will be as effective as injected magnesium and B12. So many of my ME patients get so much benefit from injected magnesium and B12, but they are expensive. Furthermore, magnesium injections often sting and leave temporary injection lumps. Again watch this space!!

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