Adrenal stress profile - salivary

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Test Details for Ordering
Test Adrenal Stress Profile (salivary)
Laboratory Genova Diagnostics
Price £100.00
Sample required Saliva sample
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Please note - postage

  • UK clients - please use Royal Mail or the courier to return samples - YOU PAY FOR THIS YOURSELVES ie complete payment on the courier form if you wish to use the courier.
  • Overseas clients - my Office will charge you a courier fee to ship the test kit to you and this will be billed along with the test kit, but you must organise and pay the courier return fee ie fill in payment on courier form.

All kits come with shipping instructions for returning the samples.

Here are the relevant Genova documents explaining the procedure:


This test measures levels of cortisol and DHEA-s in 4 samples of saliva collected over 24 hours to assess body levels of both hormones. I use this test widely for patients with fatigue syndromes. Patients should be aware that taking these four samples will mean waking up early and staying up late. In addition patients will have to have access to a freezer, where samples can be stored throughout the day.
Pregnenolone, adrenal glandulars or hydrocortisone may be suggested after this test.

For comments on abnormal results - see Adrenal Stress Profile test result - What does it mean?

One can request melatonin levels in addition.


4 saliva samples.

If you are using a steroid inhaler to control an attack of asthma or steroid medication in tablet form, do not do the test during that time as the readings will be completely skewed. Please, wait at least one week after stopping the steroids before collecting the saliva samples.


The kit for this test includes four collection tubes, packaging materials for transporting the samples in the post, a request form and an envelope for sending the sample to the laboratory and detailed instruction for collecting the samples.


  • Collect the samples by following the instructions enclosed with the test kit.
  • Make sure that your name, date of birth and date sample taken are correctly entered on the sample tube.
  • Make sure all the necessary details are correct on the laboratory request form.