Advice to new patients suspended Sep 14

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I am currently experiencing a very heavy work load and an exceptionally high number of referrals from other doctors, self referrals, other requests for advice and interpretation of test results. I simply cannot deal with demand. This means I have no other option but to suspend all advice, appointments and test orders to those to whom I refer as "new patients". If you are a "new patient", i.e. you have never received advice from me before (by way of a face-to-face or a telephone consultation, or a letter of advice based on a questionnaire, or an interpretation of your test results), then any such first requests for advice and first test orders cannot currently be accepted.

I believe this is due to the recent book we published about CFS. This book is available to buy from my online shop Sales at Dr Myhill: CFS - it's mitochondria, not hypochondria and many answers lie within!

If you need help from a doctor, then please go to the website of the British Society for Ecological Medicine to find a doctor interested in and practising environmental medicine.

I shall review the situation in January 2015 and perhaps then will be able to accept test requests from new patients. Please, keep an eye on this website Dr Of course, I will continue to see and treat all current patients i.e. those who have had previous contact with me and already received advice from me.

Update January 2015

Requests for the Mitochondrial Function Test will now be available for new patients from 1st January 2015 - please watch this space for the resumption of all other test requests