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I am the ex-secretary of the British Society for Ecological Medicine (previously The British Society for Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine).See British Society for Ecological Medicine . Up until now this has been a doctors only society. However, the Society is now offering associate membership to allied groups and non-medical but scientifically trained people such as dieticians, health visitors, nurses and so on. We now offer supporter membership to anybody who is interested. Supporters are allowed all the benefits of membership except admission to scientific meetings. Membership includes the Journal of Nutritional Medicine - this is a quarterly publication in which original research, literature reviews, clinical practice, editorials, letters etc appear pertaining to allergy and environmental matters. Recently we have linked up with the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (website and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (website and the Journal is circulated to all these groups.


If anybody is interested in membership, please apply online - BSEM apply online.
See also BSEM practitioners

Training Courses

We also run training courses for doctors to educate them about Ecological medicine - i.e. looking for causes of illness rather than symptom suppression with drugs. Those doctors completing training, undergoing audit and submitting case histories to the satisfaction of the Training Panel (made up of senior doctors of the Society - not me!) go on our Practitioner List. This is changing all the time as new practitioners qualify. The list is published on the Society's website. See BSEM - events and training

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