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Cancer is an almost inevitable result of western diet and western lifestyle. The nutritional approach to treating cancer is exactly the same as the nutritional approach to preventing cancer, albeit with a few bolt-on extras. Do not wait until you get your diagnosis of cancer! Instead, put in place the healthy lifestyle changes which prevent it. The general approach to maintaining and restoring good health

Major risk factors

  • The greatest risk factor for cancer is age. As we get older, we need to work harder in order to stay healthy. See Anti-ageing - Slow the Ageing Process.The treatment of cancer is based on the same principles as anti-ageing.
  • Dairy products are a major risk factor for prostate and breast cancer, high glycaemic index diet is risk factor for all cancers, the Pill and HRT are major risk factors for women’s cancers and our polluted world is, again, a major risk factor for all cancers.

For a wealth of information about successful cancer treatments and therapies, see Cancer Decisions

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