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Anybody living in a western society and eating a western diet will be toxic. Millions of new chemicals have been introduced into our environment in the last century, many of them we bio-accumulate and many we do not have the enzyme systems to break down. In order to stay well and optimise our potential, my view is that we should all be doing detox regimes to offload these chemicals. This should be a combination of good nutrition (see pages in the category Nutrition, Vitamins, Minerals and Diets), including eating the The Paleo Ketogenic Diet - this is a diet which we all should follow and exercise or far infra red saunaing Detoxing.

Many chemicals bio-accumulate and mess up the delicate biochemical mechanisms in cells. This is a little bit like throwing a handful of sand into a finely tuned engine. Effectively chemicals cause an acceleration of the normal ageing process and people get diseases before their time. It is impossible to get rid of every last molecule, but best efforts should be made to keep levels to a minimum.

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