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Nature intended females to procreate. In a Stone Age setting, women would never have seen a period. Either they would be too young or too old, or pregnant, breast feeding or starving. Many gynaecological problems arise from the fact that modern woman does not live this evolutionarily correct lifestyle! I have every sympathy for this! But trying to buck the trend has created a whole host of problems.

The greatest group of problems have been caused by the contraceptive Pill and HRT. These interventions are major risk factors for heart disease, arterial disease, cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome – to name a few.

A regular menstrual cycle, free from pre-menstrual tension, resulting in a short sharp period, is an indicator of good hormonal status. Hormones are exquisitely sensitive to micronutrient status. Anything, therefore, which deviates from this pattern suggests either micronutrient deficiency, dietary problems, thyroid disorder, or some sort of toxic stress. Not my words but the words of Arthur and Margaret Wynn, life long researchers in nutrition and womens' health.

Mammals evolved walking around on four legs. Although moving to the upright stance has many evolutionary advantages, it brings particular problems for the female anatomy because it very much increases the tendency for prolapse. Keeping slim, fit and strong and exercising regularly is protective against this tendency.

Recurrent vaginal thrush and other such irritations are probably a long term result of western lifestyles, including diets which are high in refined carbohydrate and sugar, a tendency to use hormones, and antibiotics. This makes women more prone to yeast infection, i.e. thrush, and if these become persistent one can sensitise to them. This is tiresome because exposure to yeast in another department (for example, eating a yeasty food) can cause vaginal symptoms - see Yeast problems and candida. Also see Irritable Bladder Syndrome or Allergic Bladder

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