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Historical Note

Prior to the development of the Mitochondrial Function Profile in its present form, Dr John McLaren Howard of Acumen laboratories devised a prototype test which I tested out on some willing guinea pigs!

After obtaining ‘mito scores’ for a number of patients and listing all these out with their ability levels, I sent an unsophisticated spreadsheet of these results to Craig Robinson in 2005 – by which I mean 3 or 4 rather untidy handwritten A3 sheets, with more or less straight lines drawn on them! About 3 hours later Craig emailed me back, saying, ‘The correlation coefficient is 0.8, or thereabouts. You’ve got something here.’

This was my "WOW!" moment. See The Wow! Signal

Craig produced a 'Citizens' Paper' from these early results in March 2006 and this can be found below:

Citizens' Paper March 2006

Preliminary Conclusion of the 2006 paper

Here is the preliminary conclusion:

These results support the hypothesis that one major cause of CFS is mitochondrial failure. Because mitochondria are a common biological unit, then it is likely that mitochondrial function in neutrophils will reflect mitochondrial function in other cells. The biochemical lesions result from several possible mechanisms many of which can be tackled by appropriate nutritional intervention.

Published papers

Later on, in 2009, I co-authored a paper, with Professor Norman E. Booth and Dr John McLaren-Howard, based on these preliminary findings in the Citizens' Paper, and this was published in IJCEM, entitled "Chronic fatigue syndrome and mitochondrial dysfunction". It can be seen here:

Subsequent to this, I have co-authored a further 2 papers, both with Professor Norman E. Booth and Dr John McLaren-Howard and here are the links:

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