College of Naturopathic Medicine - Outstanding Contribution Award 2022

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I learned about the inadequacies of modern medicine through working with thousands of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic-encephalitis. Conventional medicine had and still has little for these pathologically fatigued patients. It seems so obvious now, but when I first started talking about energy delivery mechanisms in the 1980s, I was considered unhinged. When this progressed to putting my ideas into the public arena in an on-line website, I was attacked by conventional doctors for such heretical ideas and subject to endless investigation by the General Medical Council. This was despite not a single complaint from a patient, not a single patient worsened by my treatments, and not a single patient put at risk of harm. A revealing comment arising from an FOIA search came from the GMC’s own barrister Mr Tom Kark

“the problem with the Myhill cases is that all the patients are improved and none will give witness statements against her”

These attacks continued even after I published my results in 3 studies:

The current “football match” score is Myhill 38 GMC nil. In other words, there have been 38 GMC investigations concluded against me and all have found in my favour.

At that point I relinquished my registration from the GMC because this gives me the clinical freedoms to speak my mind without the bore of yet another GMC investigation. What is so interesting is that I have continued to practise as a Naturopathic Physician but have been no less effective because I find the “tools of the trade” are available without doctors’ prescription. They can all be found in Nature’s pantry.

I am now registered with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and am delighted to be a patron and the Clinical Director of the College of Naturopathic Medicine

College of Naturopathic Medicine [CNM]

I was humbled when the CNM awarded me an honorary diploma - I know how hard people have to work for this diploma. See CNM Diploma Courses

And then I was told there was more to come......

CNM Graduation Day - 27 March 2022

I pitched up and to my even greater astonishment, I was awarded with the 2022 "Award for Outstanding Contribution in the field of Natural Medicine".

CNM AWARD NEW.jpg Sarah teeth resized.jpg

Appointment as Clinical Director of the College of Naturopathic Medicine (May 2022)

A picture is worth a thousand words! Here I am, humbled and honoured (and happy!).

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