Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

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Test Details for Ordering
Test Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
Laboratory Genova Diagnostics
Price £173.00
Sample required stool
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Please, make sure you have read When not to use this website to ascertain whether having this test is an appropriate and safe course of action for you.

Please note
There is no need to use a courier service if returning samples to the laboratory within the UK - simply use Royal Mail 1st class service or Next Day Guaranteed delivery. However, if you wish you can use the service offered by Genova Diagnostics, called Streetwise courier service. The test kit will have details of that service and the paperwork. Genova Diagnostics will charge you for this service. Current Streetwise delivery fee payable to Genova Diagnostics is £12.


The test gives an idea of how well foods are digested and absorbed, gives some products of gut fermentation, looks for blood in the stool, gives counts of bacteria and yeast, identifies those bacteria which should not be there and gives a list of antibiotic and anti-fungal preparations, both herbal and drug, to which that micro-organism is sensitive. N.B. If this test is requested as a second or subsequent test on an order, please contact the Office because there will be a small additional interpretation fee due to the complexity of this test result. Please see Ordering Tests for worked examples of how to calculate the costs of tests and their interpretations.

The stool analysis is carried out at Genova Diagnostics in the US.

Please, note this test does not include looking for gut parasites. For that, see Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis with parasitology or Parasitology.

A second test, CDSA 2.0 was then designed with some markers that supersede the original CDSA. CDSA 2.0 does not report on faecal fat (measure of poor fat digestion), chymotrypsin (protein digestion) and acetates (measure of friendly fermentation). But CDSA 2.0 puts in useful additional tests, i.e.:

  • Calprotectin and EPX - these are very sensitive markers of inflammation. If these are normal then one can exclude inflammatory bowel disease as a diagnosis. Early indications suggest this is going to be an equally reliable test for bowel cancers and therefore will be an excellent screening test. Watch this space!
  • Pancreatic elastase - this is a good marker of pancreatic exocrine, ie digestive function.
  • Secondary bile acids - this is a very useful test where there is gall bladder disease, poor digestion of fats, or upper gut fermentation. A major cause of the latter is overgrowth of prevotella - see Fermentation in the gut and CFS - and prevotella is killed by bile salts (derived from bile acids).


This test is performed on three stool samples.


The kit for this test includes: two collection tubes, three collection cups, detailed instructions, plastic bags for sealing the samples, a request form and an addressed envelope for returning the samples.


Important message about "interfering substances":

On the instruction sheet enclosed with the kit you are advised by the Laboratory to stop probiotics and some prescribed medication for 2 weeks prior to collecting a sample unless instructed otherwise by your practitioner.

My advice is that as long as I have a full list of what you are taking at the time of the test, I will be able to interpret your results correctly.

Nutritional supplements, digestive aids

Many of my patients take a range of nutritional supplements, digestive enzymes, betaine hydrochloride or bile salts. Please, continue taking your usual supplements, probiotics and digestive aids as normal around the time of the test.

Antibiotics or antifungals

  • If you are taking a short course of antibiotics for an acute infection, or a short course of antifungals, wait for 2 weeks before collecting a stool sample for the test.
  • If you are on long term antibiotics or antifungals, continue them as normal – the test result will allow me to assess their effect.

In all cases, please let me know clearly what you are taking!

Doing the test

  • Collect the samples by following the instructions enclosed with the test kit.
  • Make sure that your name, date of birth and date sample taken are correctly entered on the sample tube.
  • Make sure all the necessary details are correct on the laboratory request form.
  • Post the sample using 1st class Royal Mail service or Special Delivery Next Day service in the packaging materials provided, making sure that the laboratory request form is sent along with the samples. There is no need to use a courier service if sending samples within the UK, but if you wish you can use the one offered by Genova Diagnostics – Streetwise courier service. Current delivery fee payable to Genova Diagnostics is £12.
Please, note that there is an interpretation fee for my letter to your GP. See Ordering Tests for more details.