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Before sending your message to my office, please read this IMPORTANT INFORMATION

  1. You will find a list of practitioners of ecological medicine by visiting, the website of The British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM). A list of such practitioners (who specialise in allergy, environmental and nutritional medicine) is also published on this website - Practitioners of Ecological Medicine.
  2. You can order tests through my website in the normal way and I will give my interpretation of the results in a letter to your GP. You will find details of this service in Ordering Tests.

3. Please, do not send in inquiries about acute medical problems, i.e. sudden serious symptoms. I am not in a position to reply to each query personally and give medical advice. I am the only doctor in my practice and am often away for 2 - 4 days; I do not see patients at weekends and cannot guarantee that I will view all e-mail messages every day. If you are experiencing unusual or new symptoms which worry you, you must report them to your GP/medical practitioner and/or to your local hospital Accident and Emergency Department.

You can contact me or members of my team by:

Telephoning the office on 01547 550 331,

Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday 10am to 12 noon or Wednesday 11am to 1pm

Writing to:

Dr Sarah Myhill
Upper Weston
Powys LD7 1SL