Demonstration speeches: Ruth Myhill, Dr Myhill and Jane Martel

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My Speech

“Thank you to my daughter Ruth for organising the Demo and for 27 years of laughter and joy! Thank you to everyone here so much for coming. It is a privilege for me to stand in front of you all and speak. The events of the last 20 days have been the most moving, humbling and overwhelming experience. I had no idea I had so many friends, so many knights in shining armour to ride to my rescue. In the 20 days since the clarion call you have sent 800 letters, there are 3,345 on the on-line petition, and 1,697 Face book entries. These letters and petitions could not fail to move the most stalwart warrior to tears. They paint a picture of untold suffering by people cold shouldered by their physicians. There have been brilliant letters from excellent doctors, professors, researchers and professional colleagues all closely argued with devastating logic and principle. Anyone of these people could be similarly censored by the GMC or such like professional body but they too have stood their ground.

Together, today and during the last 20 days we have delivered a broad side to the GMC by the sheer volume of letters, emails and on-line petitions. GMC printers have not stopped chattering, neither have their teeth.

Thank you Jane for that deeply moving account of the plight of the CFS/ME sufferer. It is my experience that the vast majority of CFS/ME patients have been left to rot on the medical vine. There is now overwhelming evidence that CFS/ME is a physical condition with physical causes and to ignore that evidence is a travesty of good science and justice. We now have validated tests that show exactly why that patient is ill and for what reason. We can diagnose the nutritional deficiencies. We can see the chemicals and toxins that make people ill. That includes the farmers poisoned by pesticides, the Gulf War Veterans, the Aerotoxic pilots, the women poisoned by silicone from breast implants, the 9/11 firemen poisoned by toxic fumes, people living close to polluting industry, children damaged by vaccines, people damaged by prescription medication, people poisoned by carbon monoxide and many many others. Her Mum tell me that Lynn Gilderdale who died from ME aged 28 had her ME triggered by a BCG vaccination. I’ve seen them all and I know. Many are present today, either in the flesh or in the Silent Army. We are all singing from the same hymn sheet The way that I have been treated by the GMC is symptomatic of how all these people have been treated by the medical establishment. I will give you some such examples.

  • The GMC fabricated evidence against me. I was accused of prescribing Ritalin to hyperactive children. As my professional colleagues will testify I do not need to use Ritalin to help these children!
  • The GMC uphold ridiculous allegations. They accused me of “damaging the GP-patient relationship by copying the patient in on correspondence”. This is normally considered good practice, but apparently not when Myhill is involved.
  • The GMC do not bother to check the veracity of complaints. Today I faced allegations from a GP who said one thing in his letter of complaint. This was completely contradicted by evidence in the contemporary medical records. They have persisted with this allegation despite me pointing out the discrepancy on two occasions.

The GMC considers the information on my website constitutes “a potential danger to public safety”. They come to this conclusion following an anonymous complaint on the Internet. However the complainant announced himself to the world.

“OK, so I finally bit the bullet and complained (anonymously for reasons that will become clear) to the GMC about uber-quack, Dr Sarah Myhill and to my surprise they have decided to launch a Fitness to Practice investigation.

Those who live in glass houses should masturbate in the basement”

"I actually find this quite funny as my initial contact with the GMC was just a speculative email to the general enquiries email asking whether it would actually be worth submitting another complaint given the failure of the previous 6 efforts. This was written with some haste during a coffee break and hence contained a few typo’s. Amusingly, after submitting my full complaint the GMC decided to use this email to front the complaint to Myhill *sigh*."

If the GMC were my patient and I were their doctor………….….. I would diagnose Alzheimer’s disease

Harold Shipman was arrested on Sept 7th 1998 and convicted on Jan 31st 2000. He murdered at least 215 people. He was Britain’s greatest mass murderer. After he was found guilty he received a very polite letter from the GMC inviting him to attend a GMC hearing one month later. By contrast I received a letter from the GMC for a similar trial. In order to prepare my case I was initially granted just one working day’s notice and had to fight for a reasonable extension. I have never been a boxer, but I now know what a sucker punch feels like - it comes from nowhere, hits hard at all things you hold dear and for a moment you are floored. So was I.

However this all conceals a much more serious issue. I have been investigated by the GMC since 2001 and faced six Fitness to Practice hearings. No complaints came from patients no-patient was put at risk. ALL allegations were dismissed with no case to answer. During this time the GMC have been taking the private and confidential NHS medical records of my patients without their knowledge or consent. This has been done without informing patients, without asking permission, without anonymising the notes, and without informing the patient of their legal right to object to this action. Any of you people standing here today could, for all I know, have your private and confidential medical records sitting in that building, the GMC’s ivory towers.

I have complained about this to the GMC, to the Information Commissioner, the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority and the Charities Commission. No action has been taken.

If these quangos were my patient and I were their doctor ……….I would diagnose a complication of syphilis, namely General Paralysis of the Insane.

Today is not just about me. It is really about the Silent Thousands seriously afflicted with CFS/ME who, for no reason of their own, suffer in terrible silence.

People die from ME and the Silent Army is today led by Lynn Gilderdale RIP, Sophia Mirza RIP and Annabel Senior RIP. The day before she died Sophia’s Mum Criona promised that her life would help many other people. Sophia answered "then it was all worth it". These were her last words.

I am so grateful to their families for allowing Lynn, Sophia and Annabel to be with us today. This is their day too. I ask for a minute’s silence to respect these three and all those tortured souls who are represented by the Silent Army today”

Dr Sarah Myhill