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I usually check salivary DHEA levels in patients with fatigue syndromes who are not responding to my normal work up. It is then part of the Adrenal Stress Profile (salivary) done over 24 hour and also includes salivary cortisol test.

This single sample test checks the level of DHEA in a patient who is on a course of DHEA supplementation.


This test is performed on a single saliva sample taken at 8 am.


The kit for this test includes one collection tube, packaging materials for transporting the sample(s) in the post, a request form and a pre-paid envelope for sending the sample to the laboratory.


  • Collect the saliva sample following the instructions enclosed with the test kit.
  • Make sure that your name, date of birth and time and date of the sample are correct on the tubes
  • Make sure all the necessary details are correct on the request form.
  • Post the samples in the packaging provided making sure that the laboratory request form is enclosed with the samples.

Please, note that there is an interpretation fee for my letter to your GP. See Ordering Tests for more details.