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Hania's ToDo List

  • create page "Dr Myhill's page", which will be the same as is linked to the About me page
  • how about allowing discussion on article pages, but not editing? i.e. give this right to Joe Public
  • News in nav box? Necessary? Methinks not. Anyway, at the mo it links to the old website, not the wiki one.

  • Therefore, the sequence of bullets in the Nav box is:
    • Home page
    • Dr Myhill's page
    • Location
    • Tests
    • Random page
    • Help ??? - I would be inclined to move this to "toolbox" - this is not help with the website (as could be presumed by visitors), it is help with "wiki" software, and so of little interest to the majority of users.

I've now worked out how the side bar works and implemented this apart from the Dr Myhill's page because I think that this need a little work to make it easier to read before we include it in the navigation menu. To change this you need to edit MediaWiki:Sidebar and put the links after the **but without the enclosing [[ and ]] wikiterry 02:04, 13 August 2009 (UTC)