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Renaming Articles

In the legacy website, articles often (but not always) had a modification date appended to the title following any major revisions. I dropped these during import into the Wiki to standardise on article titles.

Hania has subsequently been standardising the naming of articles, mainly by fixing the title case. In wikimedia, you do this by moving the page, e.g. from "Allergy and Addiction" to "Allergy and addiction". By default this leave a redirection behind at the old title. We shouldn't do this, but instead just fix up any references.

Category Links

When referring to a category as a link in a document you need to use the syntax [[:Category:Category Name]]. Dropping the leading ":" results in the article being tagged as this category instead including the link. I had to fix one of these in Autoimmune diseases - the environmental approach to treating.

Removing Last Time Stamping in Titles

I've removed most temporal references in the titles, but the following pages need renamed to remove the "updated" tagline.

  • Lyme disease - How to diagnose it - RECENT UPDATE
  • MMR vaccination - should my child have it ? updated
  • Low Glycaemic Index Diet - what to eat on it- updated
  • Hyperactivity - on the go all the time, no peace! updated
  • Dairy free diet - the commonest diet I use for children - update

Done -- Note that most of these were updated in mid-late 2007 => Use the history and other wiki audit functions to see what has changed. Timestamps in titles rapidly get out of date.

Hosing URIs

I need to scrub both the old and new site dumps to pick up all URIs and sentence them into external site URIs or internal links in which case they need to be converted into standard internal wiki link format.

Cleanup of Tests

I've found a Manganese test which just seems to be a random clone of Magnesium test - red cell and needs deleting.

Prices also Needs review


GP's Letter Caveat

I am not sure that this is not always needed, for example on the Litmus paper self-test.

Problem of Bad Inter-site Links

A lot of pages seem to include poor inter-site link references, for example Pulmonary embolus - blood clot to the lung - causes contained a "Link Articles" section

Clotting tendency
Vein problems
Pill and HRT

which should have linked to

I've updated this one article so the article History shows a before and after comparison.

However, this is a wider content issue and not one that I am attempting to resolve in this migration.