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Categories that need cover summaries

  • Category:Fatigue. Needs a proper overview. At the moment this has an inadequate "This is the fatigue category. See also CFS". Also the CFS category doesn't exist.

Missing Pages

There are links to these in Special:WantedPages, but I can't see obvious synonyms.

  • PIMS - a pattern of symptoms associated with food allergy ‎(2 links)
  • Lufenuron ‎(1 link)
  • Fermenting gut ‎(1 link)
  • Hydrogen sulphide test ‎(1 link)
  • DR-70 - a new screening blood test for many different cancers - this should be in regular use but is not ‎(1 link)
  • CFS /ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) - how to diagnose and which tests to do ‎(1 link)
  • Salivary vascular endothelial growth factor ‎(1 link)
  • Hydrogen sulphide urine test ‎(1 link)
  • Atrial fibrillation ‎(1 link)

Other DoctorMyHill pages needing completing

  • Copyrights and Terms of Use. Possibly these can be combined into one. Nonetheless, Sarah needs to state her Copyright and the Terms of Use of the site. See for example Wikimedia Terms of Use. Remember that material placed on the site can be generated by people other than Sarah herself (not only Hania, Caroline and the rest of the team, but possibly also voluntary supporters such as me (Terry). I suggest that this should include:
    • Sarah retains editorial full control over any content on the site.
    • Any contributions will by made under joint copyright of the author and Sarah, and that Sarah is free to use such material as she wishes
    • No third party copyright material should be included without prior consent of Sarah.
    • She also needs to define the terms under which readers can make use of the material. There are various standard licences that yo may car to look at such as the Creative Commons Licenses
  • Privacy policy. See the Wikipedia Privacy Policy as a comparison. I don't think that we need anything like this as Sarah may well want to declare author's rights over the site content, but this is still a useful checklist. It is probably easier to cover this off in the Terms of Use.
  • Disclaimers. See the Wikipedia General Disclaimer. As Sarah is a practising and registered GP, she needs to think about the disclaimers that she may wish to place on the site. This again might fit better into a Terms of Use.
  • About DoctorMyhill. There is already an about this site page which should be moved here so that it will be picked up by the started footers.
  • Help. A page giving general help context on using the website with an onward link to mw:Help:Contents