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This page is just a random collection of butt-list items that we need to do to some time before or after go live.

Standard Wiki Pages

The standard Wiki template includes a bunch of placeholder pages that are referred to in the furniture of the content pages. We will need to create content for these (even if all we are doing is to redirect to the Wikipedia/Wikimedia equivalents) or reconfigure the menus not to refer to them. These include by are not limited to:

  • Community Portal
  • Current events (Maybe this needs to be renamed to News)
  • Help:Contents
  • Help:Editing
  • Privacy policy
  • DoctorMyhill:About
  • DoctorMyhill:General disclaimer
  • DoctorMyhill:Copyrights


We need to think what templates we need to write. At a minimum I suspect that we need:

  • Article Header and Article Footer
  • Test Header and Test Footer
  • Order From