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Update - June 2023 - Vitamin D3 and Covid 19

Please see this file - "Vitamin D deficiency and Covid 19 - Its central role in the global pandemic" by Drs David C Anderson and David S Grimes -

"Vitamin D deficiency and Covid 19 - Its central role in the global pandemic"


These safe nutritional interventions are now so well established that vaccination has been rendered irrelevant.

DO NOW, and for life

  • Take vitamin D3 10,000iu daily (this is roughly equivalent to one hour of full body sunshine exposure). This gets blood levels up sufficiently high to reduce the risk of death from covid-19 to near-zero. The dose for children is proportionately less
  • Take vitamin C 5grams (5,000mgs) in water, consume this little and often through the day
  • Eat a Paleo-Ketogenic (low carb) diet and apply Groundhog Basic

Pregnant and breastfeeding Women and Children

The above regime is safe, indeed desirable, for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Take exactly the same doses as above.

Children under the age of 12 should take 5,000iu Vitamin D3, 5grams Vitamin C as above, and should eat a PK diet, and apply Groundhog Basic as well.


Reduce the loading dose of virus by:

1.Using a salt pipe with iodine. Drizzle Lugol’s iodine 15% 1-2 drops (whatever is tolerated – if you can smell it then you have a therapeutic dose) into the mouthpiece– sniff this to saturate upper and lower airways. Iodine is volatile. Use Valsalva manoeuvre to blow the iodine into the middle ear and sinuses- see Clearing your ears by Go Flight Med.Keep going for 5-10 sniffs – iodine gets everywhere and tiny amounts (ie one part per million) kill all microbes! Do this at least three times daily but as often as convenient. Indeed any chronic infection, bacterial viral or fungal would be killed with this. See my YouTube Dr Myhill advises on treating viral infection

2.Take vitamin C to bowel tolerance. Speed is of the essence to flush out any virus before it has a chance to invade. Take 10 grams of vitamin C every hour until you get diarrhoea. This may be slightly inconvenient but far preferable to risking acute and chronic covid or influenza! Continue with bowel tolerance doses of vitamin C until you are completely recovered. Some need 50-100 grams daily. Once recovered go back to your normal 5 (possibly 10) grams daily – see my webpage – Vitamin C – learn to use this vital tool well – the key is getting the dose right - This is a reproduction of Chapter 31 of Our book ‘Ecological Medicine’

3.Use iodine oil (10 parts coconut oil to 1 part 15% Lugol’s iodine) on hands and face to reduce physical spread of virus – see my webpage Iodine – another multitasking tool that should be a household word This is a reproduction of Chapter 32 of Our book ‘Ecological Medicine’

If you have not been taking vitamin D3, take a one-off loading dose of 100,000iu at once, (if possible take the active vitamin D calcitriol 0.5mcgms daily for 14 days to instantly restore levels). Either way, follow this up with 10,000iu vitamin D daily for life.

If symptoms progress (and this is very unlikely with all the above in place) then use ivermectin 0.3mgs per kg of body weight for at least 5 days or until recovered. For a 60kgs (9 ½ stone) person this is a daily dose of 18mgs ivermectin. Perhaps get some in now for emergency use – see BIRD GROUP. I am a belt and braces doctor!

Pregnant and breastfeeding Women and Children

The above regime is safe, indeed desirable, for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Take exactly the same doses as above. If necessary, pregnant and breastfeeding women should follow the dosing advice for ivermectin as above.

Children under the age of 12 should halve the doses of iodine delivered via salt pipe and should 'get' to their Vitamin C bowel tolerance in 5gram steps rather than 10gram steps. The dose of iodine oil for children is exactly as above. The doses of Vitamin D3 should also be halved for children. Children should also apply Groundhog Acute as much as possible. If necessary,children should follow the dosing advice for ivermectin as above.

Monitoring blood sugar and Vitamin C

Bear in mind that the DIY home tests for blood sugar rely on a test that employs glucose oxidase. Vitamin C cross-reacts – so if you are taking vitamin C to bowel tolerance your blood will be saturated with vitamin C and this may give false highs. My experience is that this may be 2-3mmols/l higher than the actual blood glucose. That is to say an apparent reading of 7-8mols/l equates to a real reading of 4-5mmol of glucose.


There is no evidence these are helpful and indeed may make things worse because:

  • They increase carbon dioxide retention which is dangerous for people susceptible to hypercapnic hypoxia (lung, heart, renal and blood diseases).
  • They decrease blood oxygen levels by up to 20% - for some that may trigger loss of consciousness
  • They may cause headaches, encourage gum disease, acne, mould infections
  • If you do have covid they increase the amount of virus you re-inhale so increasing the loading dose


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