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Fibroids are benign tumours of the muscle of the womb. I do not know why they develop but I can make an educated guess! They are a feature of women following Western lifestyles, not seen in women living primitive lifestyles! Fibroids are hormone sentitive - this means they will grow in response to growth promotors and the three common growth promoters in Western lives are dairy products, insulin (produced in response to a high glycaemic index diet) and organochlorines (pesticides with which we are all contaminated. Also see Cancer - the principles of prevention and treatment. It is not that fibroids are malignant, indeed they very rarely undergo malignant transformation, but the underlying causes are probably the same as for cancer.

Because fibroids are hormone sensitive they will shrink at the menopause.

They only cause problems if:

  • They get in the way of things: a fibroid in the lining of the womb may cause heavy periods.
  • They get too big and form an uncomfortable lump, or they press on adjacent organs such as the bladder (to cause frequency), the bowel (to cause constipation), or twist and cut off their own blood supply (urgent admission to hospital), or they infarct (die) because the blood supply is insufficient to keep them going (requires surgery).
  • Rarely they undergo malignant change to turn into cancer.

Management of fibroids is usually straightforward but requires a consultant opinion.

To avoid future lumps and stop fibroids growing further see The general approach to maintaining and restoring good health

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