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Important Note - June 2018

Update on patient access to Dr Myhill - June 2018

Please note that due to Dr Myhill’s extremely heavy workload the following policies will still apply:

1.No new patient consultations are currently being accepted.

2.‘Correspondence only’ patients (i.e. those who have had testing done through Dr Myhill but have never spoken with her at a consultation) may order
repeat or other tests as required.

3. All other test requests from non-patients remain suspended.

Test Interpretations

To interpret any test we need a medical history. You will be charged according to the length of that history! So for a simple screening test in a healthy person there will be minimal work and minimal cost.

For the relevant medical questionnaire please e-mail either (Gail) or (Rosie) and they will email you the appropriate questionnaire.

  • The completed questionnaire and your payment will constitute your order.



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