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"The Underactive Thyroid - Do it yourself because your doctor won't" book cover

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If I was struggling to manage the sort of long-term condition where I felt constantly tired, cold and susceptible to every infection going, I would definitely be picking Dr Myhill as my guide to the way out of the situation.

The Cover Blurb

"Are you tired all the time no matter how much you rest? Have you been gradually putting on weight despite efforts to ‘diet’? Do you always feel cold? Is your hair thinning and/or your eyebrows disappearing? Do you catch every bug ‘going around?’ Do even small injuries take an age to heal? Have you had tests for an underactive thyroid and been told all is well? Hypothyroidism is the obvious cause of these symptoms and now one of the commonest chronic conditions yet it is also one of the worst treated in Western medicine. Why? Because today’s doctor is trained only to treat blood tests, not patients, even though patients may have all the classic signs and symptoms. In The Underactive Thyroid Dr Sarah Myhill and Craig Robinson shows us what those signs and symptoms are, all stemming from the metabolism running slow, and what the problems with diagnostic blood tests are that mean they cannot be relied on in isolation. Advocating lifestyle measures, iodine, and natural thyroid glandulars (TGs) where found to be necessary, the authors also show us the consequences of untreated hypothyroidism at every stage of life and why it is so important to take remedying the problem safely into your own hands if your doctor can’t give you the support you need."

What is this book about?

The thyroid gland is a vital part of energy delivery mechanisms. The underactive thyroid is now so common that it needs to be considered in the treatment of any chronic condition. Conventional medicine routinely misdiagnoses such underactive thyroid and thereby delays diagnosis. Worse, when the diagnosis is made by physicians like myself, then conventional doctors obstruct, mis-lead and frighten patients into stopping their healing treatment.

  • What this book is - this book describes how we can all effectively and safely diagnose and treat our own under-active thyroid to reverse current pathology, improve quality of life and prevent future pathology.
  • What this book is not - this book is not a textbook…. but there are 192 references to supporting medical papers. The reader can choose to look them up or just plough on, safe in the knowledge that ‘they are there’.

In essence this book is the path to living well and to your full potential.

You have to do it yourself because your doctor will not do it for you.

Just do it!

Chapter List

Here is a chapter list:


  • Contents
  • Introduction - Do it yourself because your doctor won't


  • 1 Are you hypothyroid?
  • 2 Blood tests for hypothyroidism
  • 3 Before you start a trial of thyroid glandular (TG)
  • 4 The Adrenal Gearbox
  • 5 How to trial thyroid glandular (TG)


  • 6 How and why we become hypothyroid
  • 7 What happens if the diagnosis is missed
  • 8 Thyroid myths
  • 9 How we starve, destroy and poison the thyroid gland
  • 10 The hypothyroid child
  • 11 The hypothyroid female
  • 12 Thyrotoxicosis
  • 13 Iodine


  • Appendix A How to access thyroid blood tests
  • Appendix B The different thyroid glandular preparations and how to obtain them
  • Appendix C The PK diet
  • Appendix D The Groundhogs
  • Appendix E Vitamin C
  • Appendix F Detoxing – how to get rid of toxic metals, VOCs and mycotoxins
  • Appendix G DDD reactions


  • Glossary
  • References
  • Resources

Book dedications

SM - To Dr Gordon Skinner, Consultant Virologist and pioneer in the treatment of the underactive thyroid. He was hounded to his death by the General Medical Council because he dared to prescribe natural desiccated thyroid to patients who were clinically hypothyroid despite “normal” blood tests The fact that he restored the health of thousands of people was of no interest to conventional medics.
CR - For Louise, my hairdresser, friend and an all-round lovely human being. Louise first started cutting my hair around 25 years ago, when I was very ill with ME, and bedridden. She would come into my bedroom, and I would roll from side to side while she leant over and half-sat on the bed to cut my hair. This simple act made me feel human. Years later I asked her whether she was at all nervous about coming into a strange man’s bedroom to which she replied, in typical fashion: ‘You were the one who should have been worried – I had the scissors!’

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Stylistic note

Use of the first person singular in this book refers to me, Dr Sarah Myhill. One can assume that the medicine and biochemistry are mine, as edited by Craig Robinson, and that the classical and mathematical references are Craig’s.

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