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Effective Date

The details on this page are effective from February 2023 and remain in force until otherwise advised.

Existing patients

I continue to offer face to face, telephone and Zoom appointments, but after looking at the existing system, I have found that management plans are very time efficient and so less expensive. If there are any brief questions on the management plan, I will respond to you directly by email. Contact Rosie to arrange this - Rosie ( )

How to access a management plan (for existing patients)

Contact Rosie ( )

She will send you a medical questionnaire [MQ] to fill in. (Shorter update MQ required if a consultation has taken place within the last 2 years, longer full MQ one if no consultation within the last 2 years). You return this with any tests results or letters that you wish me to look at. Helen will send you an estimate of the time it will take for me to build a management plan. This may be anything from 30-90 mins and cost £120-£300. (For a further breakdown of costs, please contact Helen ( )) If you agree to this then Helen will ask you for payment and I will create a plan for you ASAP. I will then send you your management plan by email.

The idea is that any management plan should be comprehensive with no need to speak directly. However, if you wish to discuss the management plan further with me, then a time can be booked for face to face, zoom or telephone call. There will be an additional charge for my time in doing this.

If you are a regular patient and do not want to fill in a questionnaire (for existing patients)

Regular is defined as contact with me either by face to face consult, telephone, or dictations/ management plans within the last six months.

Then you can speak face to face, zoom or telephone call. Contact Rosie - Rosie ( )

New enquiries - becoming a New Patient - UK residents only

Online and Weekend Workshops

I now run Online Workshops via Zoom and also Workshop Weekends at Upper Weston

For details of how these work please see these pages:

The final link is my Sales Website page for currently available workshops - do keep checking back as new workshops are offered all the time -

Following attendance at an online workshop, if I have recommended a specific test, you may order this test for interpretation by me.

After attendance on an Online Workshop, or a Weekend Workshop, you become a Patient.

Management Plans

Non patients can also access a management plan based on full medical questionnaire [max 4 pages, calibre font, size 11] and 2 results, with extra results charged at £40 per result.
The charge for this is for 90 minutes work and is £300, with the possibility of a face to face or zoom follow up when required.
My hourly rate for follow up consultations following the management plan is £240 - you may request a 30mins/ 45mins or 1 hour follow up, if you wish, and we will quote depending on the circumstances.

Contact Helen ( ) for further information and full details.

Following receipt of a plan, you can order tests recommended by me and I will interpret. Most recommended supplements are available for purchase via my On-line Shop

Cancellations - if you cancel within 7 days prior to a booked slot, you will incur an admin fee of £20.

After having a Management Plan done, you become a Patient.

Test request only facility with an urgent pathology check

Test prices are as per the Test Pages on this website. The cost of an urgent pathology check is £40 per test. You will get 10mins of my time to check the result only. Tests must be ordered via the office. See Ordering Tests

Should you wish to go with this option I will require a list of confirmed diagnosis if you have any, with dates. I don't need or want a list of symptoms etc, just any already established diagnoses.

Having an Urgent Test Pathology check does not confer Patient status.

New enquiries - Non UK residents

Non UK Residents can attend Online workshops but I am not able to offer any other services and nor can Non-UK residents become Patients.

Benefit and Referral Letters

Benefit and Referral letters can only be offered after you have seen me face to face or over Zoom. In any case, a letter under any other circumstances, would not carry any weight, and so would be a waste of my time, and more importantly, your money!

Note re prescription medications

Please note that due to relentless GMC investigation, medical indemnity for my practice has become unaffordable. I now work as a Naturopathic physician under the aegis of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners. I am no longer able to prescribe any prescription drugs.

In consequence I have reduced my hourly rate to £240.

Please do ask if you have any queries, by emailing Helen ( )

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