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Some Reviews of my new book

  • Paul Robinson, Author of Circadian T3 Method

This book grasped my attention from the first page and kept me fascinated right to the very end.

Dr Myhill sees many of the current 'diagnostic' and 'treatment' practices in modern medicine to be unsustainable because they do not actually deal with the real underlying causes of ill health. This argument is explained so clearly and carefully that it is impossible to disagree with it.

This book is amazing. God! I hope the medical profession sit up and listen.

Dr Myhill at one point describes this book as "...the end result of thirty years of trial and error". This description doesn't come close to the achievement that this book represents. She has managed to pull off the near impossible and has packaged up an overall blue print for good health. This blueprint can help patients recover from a wide range of conditions and forms a platform for future good health. It's a tour de force!

If you are sick of being sick then this book could transform your life. However, it can also be used by people that are fit and well in order to remain so to a ripe old age.

  • Dr Franziska Meuschel MD, PhD, ND, LFhom

Dr Myhill addresses the principle causes for the current epidemic of chronic diseases in the Western World and outlines in her unique, no-nonsense way how to explain, prevent, diagnose and successfully treat those conditions for which conventional medicine currently only has an ever increasing amount of potentially dangerous medicines to offer.

This book is an invitation for patients and practitioners alike to move away from a culture of ignorance, restrictive guidelines and blame to making informed decisions and taking responsibility for one's own health again!

  • Craig Robinson MA (Oxon) ACA

This is Sarah's Principia ; the science, the medicine and the understanding are all hers. My contributions were limited to the typographical, the organisational, a few quotations and of course one must not forget my pet frog Frida! It was a pleasure to be involved in this project both to witness how a truly unique, caring and great mind comes to an understanding of the labyrinth of modern disease processes and then also to be party to the thought patterns that the said mind undertakes in order to develop sustainable treatments for those diseases. It is not for the editor to advise the reader but I shall break with protocol ; perhaps it is personal to me but I gained most from this book by reading it in one sitting and would suggest that, if possible, others do likewise. Thereafter one can 'dip in' at will! Your Good Health!

Stylistic note

Use of the first person singular in this book refers to me, Dr Sarah Myhill. One can assume that the medicine and biochemistry are mine, as edited by Craig Robinson, and that the classical and mathematical references are Craig’s.


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