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The Energy Equation is now available in Audio format - please see The Energy Equation - Audio

Style of book

This is a much more accessible version of my work and ideas. It has 182 pages and uses much "easier" language. It is also physically smaller [12.9 x 3.18 x 19.81 cm]. An audio version is also available!

What is this book about?

What determines the survival of the fittest is energy. Those animals with the most energy will be better feeders, movers and procreators. They will pass their energetic genes and survival strategies down to the next generation.
From hairy great apes, evolution has produced the super-successful, super-fit, clever calculating machines of us – the naked little apes. Modern homo sapiens should be fitter, stronger and cleverer than all previous versions. But we naked apes have become knackered apes. Physical, mental and emotional fatigues abound and these are the fore-runners of obesity, diabetes, dementia, cancer and coronaries. Why?
The Energy Equation explains. It describes how to maximise energy delivery mechanisms in the body and then how to spend this energy efficiently by reducing immunological and emotional holes in your personal energy bucket and minimise energy-draining biochemical and mechanical frictions. Reducing and minimising these holes and frictions not only improves your own energy equation now, but also addresses the downstream effects of these holes and frictions – namely, the serious pathologies of the Western World.
This leaves us with an abundance of energy to spend on life, creating a safe ecological niche for our families, having fun, being creative and avoiding the dread diseases of our age.
Thus we can live to our full potential.

I have spent most of my medical life looking to identify and treat the root causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. For these unfortunate patients, fatigue is pathological, severe, unrelenting and life changing. What has become clear through my personal medical evolution is that we can all benefit from those very same interventions that allow these patients to recover. This book is about how to recognise that we are not functioning to our full potential, why that is happening and so drive the intellectual imperative to change. These changes are within the grasp of us all. Once tackled and achieved you will not look back.
If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading

Lao Tzu

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Book dedications


Hammersmith Books page

Hammersmith Books 'The Energy Equation'

Chapter List

Here is a chapter list:

  • Part 1: The Knackered Ape.
    • Chapter 1: The naïve doctor stumbles into the real world
    • Chapter 2: From the Naked Ape to the Knackered Ape .
    • Chapter 3: The knackerometer
    • Chapter 4: The Energy Equation
    • Chapter 5: The Knackered Ape is an addict
  • Part 2: Energy generation
    • Chapter 6: .How the body generates energy for life
    • Chapter 7: .Energy delivery – the mitochondrial engine .
    • Chapter 8: .Matching energy generation to energy demands
    • Chapter 9: .Sleep
    • Chapter 10: Optimising energy expenditure through exercise .
    • Chapter 11: Free energy – something for nothing
  • Part 3: Energy expenditure
    • Chapter 12: The bare necessities – housekeeping or basal metabolism
    • Chapter 13: Energy expenditure – the immunological hole in the energy bucket
    • Chapter 14: Energy expenditure – the emotional hole in the energy bucket
  • Part 4: Get your act together
    • Chapter 15: Groundhog days – getting your act together
  • Appendices
    • The paleo-ketogenic (PK) diet and essential micronutrients
    • Groundhog Basic
    • Groundhog Acute
    • Groundhog Chronic
    • Vitamin C

Stylistic note

Use of the first person singular in this book refers to me, Dr Sarah Myhill. One can assume that the medicine and biochemistry are mine, as edited by Craig Robinson, and that the classical and mathematical references are Craig’s.

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