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What is this book about?

Here is the blurb from the back page of the PK Cookbook:

Dr Sarah Myhill has been helping sufferers recover from debilitating chronic conditions for over 30 years with an approach that combines all the benefits of current scientific knowledge and medical testing and treatments with an expanding appreciation of the importance of nutrition and lifestyle. Her book, "Prevent and Cure Diabetes", (see [1]) saw her arrive at the conclusion that the diet we should all be eating is one that combines Paleo principles (eating pre-agricultural, seasonal foods) with ketogenic ones (fuel the body with fats and fibre, not with carbs or protein). That book tells us WHY; now, in this down-to-earth, highly practical cookbook, Sarah tell us HOW.

Learn how to:

  • get ‘into ketosis’ with minimum effort and cooking-time while keeping to Paleo principles
  • never be hungry on two good meals a day and no snacks
  • bake the perfect PK loaf of bread
  • make delicious PK breakfasts, soups, stews and roasts
  • create sustaining PK salads
  • fight infection with herbs, spices and ‘chocolate’ made from a medicinal mushroom
  • …and much, much more

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Hammersmith Books page

Here is the Hammersmith Books Page for The PK Cookbook

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PK Bread!

If I am remembered for nothing other than a little brown loaf, baked from only linseed, salt and water, I will be a happy woman! It really is delicious and so easy to make - 5 minutes putting it all together, and then 1 hour in the oven!

Here is a link to a Blog by Hammersmith Books on the importance of PK bread to the diet and also the full recipe - The PK Cookbook: PK bread recipe


Sources of Linseed

Linseed can be bought at major supermarket outlets. However, I especially like this supplier - please do take a look!

Flax Farm Linseed Product List

Book reviews

Here is a selection of book reviews:

  • Dr Christopher Afford MA MB BChir (Cantab) MRCS (Eng)

To all those interested in improving their health both now and for the future I can’t recommend Dr Myhill’s PK Cookbook highly enough. I’ve had CFS/ME for a number of years and had failed to see any improvement in my health using conventional medical approaches. I was therefore intrigued to read Dr Myhill’s books all of which I found to be extremely informative, intuitive, backed by rigorous scientific studies and incredibly readable (and very witty too!). Within 48 hours of commencing the PK diet, symptoms that I’d had for years (headaches/ migraines and gastrointestinal pain) resolved completely. Friends and family that I subsequently encouraged to also convert to a PK diet have enjoyed improvements in a range of health conditions including obesity, obstructive sleep apnoea, hypertension, recalcitrant skin problems, anxiety symptoms and IBS to name but a few. Starting the PK diet may seem daunting at first as it’s significantly different from the standard western diet but Dr Myhill’s PK Cookbook is incredibly easy to follow such that the nutritional changes soon become second-nature – and the recipes and meal ideas are delicious too. So my advice to anyone who’s contemplating the PK diet is simple – benefit from Dr Myhill’s years of experience and wealth of knowledge, take control of your own health and GO FOR IT!

  • Dr Rowena Nicholson MB BS MRCGP General Practitioner

Although I knew intellectually that the Paleo-Ketogenic diet was what I should be doing, the prospect of attempting it was really daunting. I wouldn’t even have attempted it without Dr Myhill’s book, which anticipated my concerns and guided me through what I thought was going to be a difficult journey. It described exactly what to expect and how to know when one has arrived; I found it so much easier than I expected. The meal suggestions and recipes are quick and easy, but more importantly are tasty, substantial and filling. The bread and dairy alternatives mean that I can entertain friends at home without them realising that they are eating a PK meal. Within just a few days of starting the PK diet, I was surprised to find that my long term reflux symptoms had completely resolved. I had resigned myself to lifelong reflux medication, which had already contributed to osteopenia (thinning of my bones), but now I am delighted that I no longer need it. I am confident that this is a way of eating that I shall stick to for the rest of my life.

  • Jules, Diana and Ellie Nancarrow

We’ve known Sarah for more than 20 years, both as a doctor to our daughter and now as a trusted friend. Her work has done much to help our daughter through many difficult times. It is well researched, simple to understand, and what’s more, effective. We have read and used her Prevent and Cure Diabetes book and have no hesitation in recommending this new work. We thank her for it and you will too. Sarah is a force of nature… It must be down to what she eats!

  • Olga Cary BA Dip CG, Patient

This is a well written, comprehensive guide to the principles of the PK diet, full of tips and ideas with delicious and satisfying health-improvement plans that can be easily implemented. I appreciated being able to start the PK diet with a ‘no-cook no-preparation’ approach followed by introducing PK bread and salts. This diet will definitely be the foundation of my long-term health plan.

Life The Basic Manual YouTube videos

Life The Basic Manual

I am pleased to upload a series of YouTubes about "The PK Cookbook" as filmed and edited by "Life The Basic Manual." See Life The Basic Manual YouTube Channel

Stylistic note

Use of the first person singular in this book refers to me, Dr Sarah Myhill. One can assume that the medicine and biochemistry are mine, as edited by Craig Robinson, and that the classical and mathematical references are Craig’s.

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