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Access to Dr Myhill and tests

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  • Please email Helen - helen@doctormyhill.co.uk (Helen ) or Rosie - rosie@doctormyhill.co.uk (Rosie ) - for all queries relating to ordering tests, their costs, interpretation costs, and any other practical issues. You will see the most up to date costs of the most frequently requested tests on The Tests Page but please bear in mind that these may have changed since the last update of that webpage.
  • All tests must be interpreted by Dr Myhill - you cannot order a 'test only' facility from this website.
  • You will need to fill in a Medical Questionnaire
  • Dr Myhill is a sole practitioner and divides her working time between consultations with patients, correspondence and analysis of test results. She is not able to offer an express service for the interpretation of test results.
  • Most kits are posted directly from the laboratory. We order these kits on receipt of your payment.
  • There is no express service for the delivery of test kits.
  • For UK addresses please allow up to 10 working days (a fortnight in real time) to receive the test kit(s)
  • Test kits will be posted/shipped to the address you have provided
  • Most test results take 7 - 10 days to come back from the labs. Some, such as GI Effects Comprehensive Profile - stool, take up to 3 weeks.
  • When your test results arrive back from the laboratories, the work on your file will be scheduled in the diary in strictly chronological order. The waiting time may be several weeks.

Avoiding nutritional supplements before the test

There is no need to stop the supplements you are taking; however, it is important to let Dr Myhill know your current supplement regime. Where you are healthwise on your current supplement regime is going to be the baseline. After all, if your current supplement regime was giving you the level of wellbeing that you were satisfied with, you would not be paying for more tests. Thinking logically, what you are taking is not sufficient and the tests will identify the weak spots in the regime you are following.

DIY Blood Tests

The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) now offer blood tests which can be can be done with a few drops of blood into a “tiny” blood tube. Kits can be sent from the laboratory direct to patients for home testing so long as any result can be requested with the result being received and interpreted by a doctor. This will be so helpful for people wishing to do blood tests but simply do not have the time to do this. Furthermore all tests can be done in complete confidence.

Using TDL TINIES has obvious appeal for ranges of tests. Examples of these are:

  • Vitamin D (25 OH) with or without Calcium
  • TFTs (freeT4, free T3 and TSH)
  • Lipids (cholesterol, HDL, triglycerides)
  • HbA1c (a measure of blood sugar control)
  • prostate specific antigen (PSA)
  • Omega 3/6
  • Hormones (3 or 4 per TINY - Testosterone, FSH, Oestradiol, Progesterone, Prolactin, SHBG, pregnenolone etc)
  • Sexual Health (HIV, Syphilis, Hep BsAg, Hep C Abs – can all be taken from one TINY)

TINI samples can be accompanied by urine or swab samples.

Medichecks also offer a Home Test Kit for Vitamin D - please see the relevant test page for further details - Medichecks Vitamin D (25 OH) Blood Test

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