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Co-authored with Michelle McCullagh

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"Green Mother - families fit for the future" book cover

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What is this book about?

This no-nonsense guide to parenting, beautifully illustrated by Michelle, shows how we can grow healthy, confident children by feeding and nurturing their first (immune system), second (emotional) and third (intellectual) brains based on a paleo-ketogenic diet and lifestyle. Michelle describes how this is working for her and her young family and provides the recipes that have made this sustainable and easy. This combination of ‘paleo’ (no dairy, no grains) and ‘ketogenic’ (low-carb, high-fat but NOT high-protein/meat) gives the best of both worlds for a long and healthy life and all the benefits of having resilient, content children.

‘Modern Western life is eroding the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of our children so seriously that the very survival of our species is threatened. More children than ever are fat and fatigued, learning disabled and emotionally damaged and the responsibility lies with us. We are killing with kindness in an attempt to provide a stress-free, safe environment for our most loved. Green Mother is for those who want the best of both worlds – to reap the advantages of modern Western life but recognise and eschew its pitfalls. This book aims to give parents, would-be parents, grandparents, siblings and all members of the “Tribe” that surround a new baby, the theoretical and intellectual imperatives to tread this difficult path, together with the practical day-to-day realities that must be overcome and the encouragement to do so.’ Green Mother

The Tribe

Green Mother is the product of group experience - the experience of our particular Tribe which is made up of:

  • Dr Sarah Myhill, author, independent medical practitioner and early Green Mother
  • Craig Robinson, editor, first class mathematician, doting Green Father
  • Michelle McCullagh, Green Mother and artist
  • Peter Wilson, farmer, Olympic Gold Medallist 2012 (shooting) and Green Father
  • Bobs and Etta, Green Kids fit for the future
  • Charlotte Sainsbury Plaice, dear friend and early Green Mother

Who is Michelle?

Michelle is a very good friend and an extremely talented artist who has been an exemplary Green Mother to two wonderful children, Bobs and Etta. You can see her website here - Michelle's website

This is Michelle in her own words:

Peter and I have been partners for years. We are both from farming families, live and love the country life. I am an artist specialising in horses and dogs. Peter is a farmer and professional shot, winning gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics in double trap. Having established our careers, babies came naturally onto the agenda. We had been trying to conceive for nearly two years without a result. Then we moved to mid-Wales, living at the farm next to Sarah’s, and we found ourselves soul mates and best friends. She is a persuasive character! In June 2017 I bought her book Prevent & Cure Diabetes for my mother-in-law, thinking it would be a good present, but first I read it cover to cover. Gosh, it made sense. I did not need much convincing and I quit sugar there and then and changed my diet to Paleo-Ketogenic. This was five months before I became pregnant with our first daughter, Robyn, nicknamed ‘the Bobs’, born August 2018. Etta followed in February 2020. I have no doubt that the PK diet and our move to the Welsh Borders played a huge part in the creation of our gorgeous girls. And gorgeous they are! As I write, Bobs is 2½ years and Etta is 1 year. I love them so much; they are my heaven. I just get so excited every morning as I go to wake them up. I remember the words of a dear friend of mine, Charlotte, who has four children: ‘Every morning you wake up with them it’s like the excitement of Christmas morning, and you feel so lucky’. [2021]

Chapter List

Here is a chapter list:

1. Mothers and fathers
2. The Paleo-Ketogenic diet
3. Normal pregnancy
4. Childbirth and immediately after
5. Breastfeeding and weaning
6. Sleep
7. The baby who cries
8. The first brain: the immune system
9. Minor childhood ailments
10. Serious avoidable childhood problems
11. The second brain: emotional confidence
12. The third brain: subconscious,conscious and intellectual
13. Infertility and assisted conception


A1. Groundhog Basic
A2. Groundhog Acute
A3. Groundhog Chronic
A4. DDD reactions
A5. Michelle’s favourite PK recipes

Book dedication


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An example of Michelle's work

For my 60th Birthday Celebrations, Michelle drew this horse for me. Isn't it just wonderful?

Sarah and horse.jpg


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