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"Sustainable Medicine - Whistle-blowing on 21st century medical practice" book cover

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12th July 2016

My Book "Sustainable Medicine - Whistle-blowing on 21st century medical practice" has been awarded the Beryl Bainbridge Best Achievement Award at the Peoples Book Prize 2016

The Peoples Book Prize 2016

I was pleased to travel to Stationers' Hall in London for the award ceremony of the Peoples Book Prize 2016. My book on Sustainable Medicine had been put forward by my publisher, Georgina Bentliff, of Hammersmith Books and my wonderful Facebook supporters had been voting for me and also making lovely comments about my book.

There was a minor panic! We had a spare ticket and no one to give it to! So, one of my Facebook Group Co-Admins, Kathryn Twinn, advertised a "ticket going free" on the Facebook Group and quick as a flash, Bettie Johan Hough, with her husband, stepped up to the mark. They were joined by Georgina Bentliff and also David Thompson of Action PR Ltd.

I was delighted when it was announced that my book had been awarded the Beryl Bainbridge Best Achievement Award.

Of course, this award is not just for me ; it is also for all my staff, for my patients, and non-patients, alike, and, for the members of the Dr Myhill Facebook groups, who have all supported me through the years, read my book and website and given me such courage to keep going!

Prior to the evening, Peoples Book Prize did an author interview with me and this can be found here - My Author Interview with Peoples Book Prize

Some pictures were taken and we have placed these below. Finally, here is the link to the Peoples Book Prize Award webpage - Peoples Book Prize

Some Pictures taken on the evening

In the first picture, I am next to Frederick Forsyth, and the picture at the bottom shows Bettie and Georgina.

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