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You will find lots of useful information here:
Micro Immunotherapy International Medical Experience

(By Dr Franziska Meuschel and Dr Sarah Myhill)


Most chronic disease processes are associated with chronic inflammation and this causes unpleasant symptoms. Something must be done! The principles of treatment are:


Micro-immunotherapy was developed by Dr Maurice Jenaer in the 1970s and is in wide use in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and other countries. It helps us to reprogramme the immune system. It is comprised of tiny doses, but not homeopathic doses, of bio-identical mediators (messengers) of inflammation namely: neurotransmitters, cytokines, growth factors, hormones and specific nucleic acids. Some combinations of specific nucleic acids interfere with viral RNA reproduction and this explains anti-viral effects.

It can be used in any condition associated with acute or chronic inflammation which may be due to chronic infection with virus (not bacteria or fungi), allergy or autoimmunity. It can be combined with other treatments and is particularly helpful for the very sick patient who is intolerant to all else. It is an effective, safe and simple intervention and that appeals greatly to me!

It can also be safely combined with any other treatments including diet, nutritional supplements, glandular extracts, anti-microbial drugs and herbs and even prescription medication.

This treatment is very safe and there have been no cases of major allergic reactions to it.

It does contain tiny doses of lactose and sucrose which only rarely cause problems.

It is completely safe for children to use.

Micro-immunotherapy is fast becoming my preferred treatment of any condition associated with immune over-activity or under-activity because is is so effective, safe and easy to administer. Details of HOW to use these remedies are given below.

I am training Practitioners from NHW to use micro-immunotherapy and so go to the NHW website to find someone to prescribe. Alternatively come to one of my workshops (see Workshops for Ecological Medicine). It is not a prescription medication in UK, so it is available to all.


Micro-immunotherapy for ACUTE viral infection

Apply Groundhog ACUTE

Clinical problem Preparation Labo’Life Clinical picture Dose Notes – all below work well in parallel with antivirals
Any acute infection, children and adults EID Sudden illness, malaise. Possibly fever, rash, aching.

Good for immune deficiency states so has wide application to treat and prevent many infections. This makes it a popular remedy. Particularly good for respiratory and urinary infections/

At the first sign of infection take up to 4 capsules daily for 2 days. THEN reduce according to symptoms. See “The Infection Game” for details of treating all acute infections
Genital Herpes HERP Acute and chronic recurrent herpes 1 and 2 (ie genital and oral herpes) outbreaks At the first sign take up to 4 capsules spaced through the day for 2 days. THEN reduce 3, then 2 then to one daily depending on how quickly the infection is clearing.

For recurrent infections use daily for one year then 10 capsules per month.

Again can be combined with antivirals

ALSO use topical Lugol’s iodine 15%. And Groundhog ACUTE

For herpes prevention Take one daily for at least 6 months
Varicella zoster ZONA Chicken pox and shingles At the first sign take up to 4 capsules daily until rash starts to go THEN reduce to one daily Again can be combined with antivirals

ALSO use topical Lugol’s iodine 15%. And Groundhog ACUTE

Following shingles always look for the under-lying cause of immuno- suppression - -which may be a tumour

Micro-immunotherapy for CHRONIC viral infection

Apply Groundhog CHRONIC

We need some evidence of infection from the clinical history and picture, supported by antibody titres and possibly Armin Labs tests. Broadly speaking if the IgG antibody titre is 5 times the higher limit of normal then this suggests the immune system is active against that virus and the specific remedy can be applied. If not sure start with 2L EID. This is especially useful to help those who seem to pick up every cough and cold going.
If lymphocytes are high then this points to an active immune system fighting a viral infection.
EBV is the major driver in post viral ME. Suspect when there is positive viral serology vis:

  • IgM viral capsid high and/or
  • IgG viral capsid antigen antibodies 5 times baseline and/or
  • IgG nuclear antigen antibodies 5 times baseline.
  • IgG nuclear antigen antibodies zero or near baseline in a patient with a severe case of EBV / mono in the history.

Clinical problem Preparation Labo’Life Clinical picture Dose Notes
Chronic EBV [Epstein Barr Virus] EBV 80% of post viral ME is EBV driven.EBV is involved in so many other diseases including auto-immunity and cancer that this is a very widely used remedy. This is one of the most used remedies Take one daily

Follow the sequence of 10 tabs

May take 5-6 weeks to respond - -continue treatment for 6-12 months.This is the commonest and most useful preparation I use since EBV is a driver of many cases of ME, auto-immunity and cancer
Chronic CMV [Cytomegalovirus] CMV Many PWME carry this virus too Take one daily. Follow the sequence of 10 tabs
Almost any virus! Or not sure which EID Good for patients who seem to pick up every virus going OR those who cannot tolerate specific remedies Ditto Other remedies could be added in after 2 months - typically the EBV remedy
Works well for children picking up viruses at school - often useful in the Autumn term! Children receive the same dose as adults
Post herpetic neuralgia, ME that was zoster triggered ZONA One daily
ME triggered by HHV 6 (roseola),HHV 7 (pityriasis rosea),Respiratory Syncitial virus,Parvovirus EID One daily
ME triggered by Hepatitis B and C HC One daily
ME associated with streptococcus, staphylococcus, borrelia, yersinia, candida EID One daily
ME associated with Chlamydia CHLA One daily
ME associated with toxoplasma TOXO One daily
Papilloma virus HPV PAPI Associated with cervical cancer One daily It is still essential to attend for regular cervical smear screening tests
HIV infection S1 One daily Must be taken in parallel with all other HIV therapies

Micro-immunotherapy for non-specific use when an incitant is not clear

Apply Groundhog CHRONIC
There are many remedies that can be used on clinical grounds and which do not require diagnostic blood tests. Those in most common use are:

Clinical problem Preparation Labo’Life Clinical picture Dose Notes
Arthritis ARTH Painful joints eg osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or gout. This is another popular remedy useful in any condition associated with inflammation. Often used to help people to wean off NSAIs. Some clinicians use this to treat arteriosclerosis, endometriosis and even obesity! With acute pain take up to 4 daily, then tail off according to clinical response to 1 one daily Arthritis is so often driven by microbes from the fermenting gut - -so PK diet and vit C to bowel tolerance essential! See Vitamin C - learn to use this vital tool well – the key is getting the dose right and The Paleo Ketogenic Diet - this is a diet which we all should follow
Chronic inflammation INFLAM Widespread inflammation such as fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendinitis, synovitis With acute pain take up to 4 daily, then tail off according to clinical response to 1 one daily Ditto above
The above two remedies are often used together
Disturbed sleep SLEEP REG Inflammation and sleep disturbance Take one daily one hour before bedtime

Follow the sequence of 10 tabs

We know that inflammation disturbs sleep
Brain going slow MEM SENIOR Foggy brain of ME or dementia Ditto. Could use with remedy Mda Has also been used in students swatting for exams with good results!
Depression DEP One daily
Inflammatory bowel disease MICI Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis One daily
Very sick patients MISEN Who seem to react to whatever is tried One daily The idea is to make the immune system less twitchy!
Macular degeneration DMLA One daily Vitamin C to bowel tolerance is essential
Parkinson’s disease PARK One daily The sooner this can be started the better as it seems to slow progression of PD
Psoriasis PSO One daily This is a fungal driven disease
Osteoporosis OSTEO-N One daily
other HPV warts eg verrucas VERU One daily
Anti-ageing SEN One daily Can be combined with other remedies detailed above for poor memory, poor sleep, poor vision

Micro-immunotherapy for Allergy

Apply Groundhog CHRONIC

Clinical problem Preparation Labo’Life Clinical picture Dose ALWAYS follow the numerical order as detailed on the blister packet (even if you forget to take a dose!) Notes
Allergy to inhalants ALERG For acute inflammation such as hayfever Use up to 4 capsules daily in 4 doses – following the numerical order detailed on the packet Taken like this it has an anti-histamine like action
... and possibly foods ALERG To prevent hayfever and possibly food allergies Take one daily for 3 months before the season Works reasonably well but probably not as effective as Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation (EPD)

Worsening with micro-immunotherapy is unusual

  • Should this happen stop entirely for one week and then restart one 10 capsule cycle (one 10 capsule cycle constitutes a complete treatment sequence). If this is not tolerated either, (and this is common with the EBV remedy) then take only one sequence per month (10 capsules day 1 – 10 then 3 weeks break.)
  • And/or try introducing EID in parallel. This may work as EID upregulates the response that the body is failing to mount on its own.
  • OR revert to a remedy for very sick people such as MISEN or EID.
  • OR it may be that you are using a remedy for inflammation that stimulates the immune system when it should be inhibited, or vice versa.

In such an event it is helpful to know if the immune system is over or under-reacting because then one can chose remedies that switch off the immune system or remedies that switch it on.

Immune system is over-active Immune system is under-active
Allergy, Auto-immunity Susceptibility to infection – tendency to pick up any infection doing the rounds!
Oncological disease
High inflammatory markers e.g. high ESR (>10), high C reactive protein, high plasma viscosity Very low inflammatory markers e.g. ESR 1 or 2
High white cell count (since the WCC is negatively skewed, my view is that at total WCC over 7 is suggestive of too much inflammation) Sub-normal levels of white cells, lymphocytes or neutrophils

Remember that in many acute and chronic infections the immune system is over-active and this is totally desirable. In this event try to identify the infection and use the appropriate remedy as above.

Lymphocyte typing can help as it tells us if there is over-reaction or under-reaction. However this test is only available in Germany, and bloods have to be there within 24 hours. You need a Practitioner to order this test.

Lymphocyte typing measures numbers of leucocytes, lymphocytes and subsets and natural killer cells. You need an expert to interpret these tests!

Remedies that tend to stimulate the immune system Anti-microbial or antiviral remedies
Remedies that tend to suppress the immune system Remedies for allergy and inflammation e.g. ARTH INFLAM ALERG


Micro-immunotherapy for cancer

Of course any such treatment must be done in parallel with conventional oncology.

Solid tumours less than one year C1 1-2 capsules daily (12 hour intervals) for one year or until in remission
Solid tumours one to five years C2 1 capsule daily for 4 years after remission
Lymphatic leukaemia C1 for one year then C2 Same as above
Chronic myeloid leukaemia CLM 1-2 capsule daily (12 hour intervals) for one year or until in remission

Then 1 capsule daily for 4 years after remission

Multiple myeloma Waldenstrom’s KAH Ditto above
Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkins lymphoma CL 1 and then

CL2 PLUS EBV (because many lymphomas are EBV driven)

2 capsules per day (12 hour intervals) for one year

1 capsule per day for 4 years
10 capsules per month for life

Brain tumours TNM 2 capsules a day (12 hour intervals) long term


  • ALWAYS take capsules in strict numerical order, 10 capsule cycles. Each 10 capsule cycle represents a course.
  • For acute infections one can take at an accelerated rate of up to 4 daily. Again they must be taken in strict order. 10 capsules therefore last 2.5 days. Again they must be taken as below, under the tongue, 30mins away from food or water.
  • Take on rising by pouring the contents of capsule under the tongue and letting it dissolve. Do not eat or drink for at least 30 minutes. Do not swallow the capsule contents – hold under the tongue until they dissolve away. It contains some lactose and sucrose as an excipient but the amounts are tiny and rarely cause problems.
  • You can take more than one course of micro-immunotherapy but capsules must be separated by 30 mins as above
  • Once micro-immunotherapy is working well, it is suggested that low dose maintenance be used long term at the rate of 10 capsules for the first 10 days of each month (leaving a break of 3 weeks between each cycle of treatment).
  • For chronic disease you must commit to at least 3 months of therapy.

More Information

For more information,please follow these links:

Accessing micro-immunotherapy

Please note that for CHRONIC DISEASE you need to commit to a course of treatment which is usually at least 6 months and possibly longer. We can supply 3 months' treatment at a time.

Accessing my advice directly

Please see My Services as to whether you can / wish to access my advice directly

Accessing my advice indirectly

This is a treatment that has to be recommended and prescribed by a health practitioner who understands how micro-immunotherapy is used. It is a very safe treatment that I believe should be easily available to all patients whose clinical picture suggests that they may benefit from it.

To this end I am happy to supply micro-immunotherapy on the recommendation of a micro-immunotherapy conversant NHW practitioner.

This treatment dovetails nicely with all my other interventions to treat CFS/ME including diet, nutritional supplements, detox regimes and prescription drugs.

Should any problems arise then either you or your practitioner can get in touch with me directly.

If you wish to try micro-immunotherapy and you are not one of my patients

Presently Lily [SEARCH UNDER QUALIFIED HEALTH PRACTITIONERS – fourth page] is prepared to help.

  • That NHW practitioner will send a recommendation to me at Office ( and I will ensure that the recommendation is appropriate and send my recommendation to Anna (
  • Please note that the recommending NHW practitioner may charge for their time in doing this.
  • Anna will contact you directly to organise delivery.

When is micro-immunotherapy a potentially useful therapy?

Your NHW practitioner will look for the common clinical situations for which micro-immunotherapy might be a useful therapy. These situations are detailed below.

Clinical Picture Check list of other interventions. See my two books on CFS/ME and chronic infection.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis -it's mitochondria not hypochondria! The Infection Game - life is an arms race

Remedy Cost of three months' supply [as at March 2023] GBP
ME following Epstein Barr infection (glandular fever or mono) The patient has put in place Groundhog Chronic interventions. You can see these at

Groundhog CHRONIC

EBV. This is one of the most used remedies 225.00
ME following CMV infection (clinically this looks like EBV) Ditto CMV 225.00
Patients who pick up every cough and cold going Ditto EID 225.00
Fibromyalgia Ditto INFLAM 213.01
Mitochondrial dysfunction Ditto MIREG 257.54
Arthritis Ditto ARTH 189.00
Foggy Brain Ditto MEM SENIOR 189.00
Disturbed sleep Ditto SLEEP REG 189.00
Recurrent cold sores and herpes genitalis Ditto. A popular remedy that works reliably well HERP 225.00
Recurrent shingles Ditto. Again works reliably well ZONA 225.00

System for accessing micro-immunotherapy via Natural Health Worldwide

If you suffer from any of the above then I will be happy to support a trial.

Once you have made contact with your NHW practitioner have them fill in the form below and then simply email it to me at Office (

Exemplar form
Practitioner name Practitioner email Patient name Sex and age Patient email Clinical picture Yes the patient has been appraised of and put in place as much as possible to treat Which remedy recommended Dr Myhill to check and OK – any comments?

A worked example of a recommendation:

Practitioner name Practitioner email Patient name Sex and age Patient email Clinical picture Yes the patient has been appraised of and put in place as much as possible to treat Which remedy recommended Dr Myhill to check and OK – any comments?
Wilma Flintstone Fredelle Bloggs F 54 Post viral ME, probably EBV Yes 2L EBV

Labo'Life Patient Leaflet

It patient leaflet one.png It patient leaflet two.png

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Medical Studies supportive of Micro-Immunotherapy

These medical studies either directly support the use of the preparations as above or lend support to the idea of using low or ultra low dose cytokines to effect immunological reprogramming.

  • 2020 Floris, I., Chenuet P., Togbe D., Volteau C., Lejeune B. Dose Response Journal 'Potential Role of the Micro-Immunotherapy Medicine 2LALERG® in the Treatment of Pollen-Induced Allergic Inflammation'

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