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(By Dr Franziska Meuschel and Dr Sarah Myhill)


Most chronic disease processes are associated with chronic inflammation and this causes unpleasant symptoms. Something must be done! The principles of treatment are:

  • identify the cause and remove it (turn off the gas to the cooker) – see My book “The Infection Game -life is an arms”
  • extinguish the inflammatory fire (smother the flames) – see “Ecological Medicine – the antidote to Big Pharma”. Due out Jan 2020
  • but if that is not enough, reprogramme the immune system (learn not to make the same mistake again! Not easy- old habits die hard) Again see “Ecological Medicine – the antidote to Big Pharma”


Micro-immunotherapy was developed by Dr Maurice Jenaer in the 1970s and is in wide use in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and other countries. It helps us to reprogramme the immune system. It is comprised of tiny doses, but not homeopathic doses, of bio-identical mediators (messengers) of inflammation namely: neurotransmitters, cytokines, growth factors, hormones and specific nucleic acids. Some combinations of specific nucleic acids interfere with viral RNA reproduction and this explains anti-viral effects.

A course is made up of 10 capsules which are all different. In high dilutions the contents may stimulate, medium dilution modulate and low dilutions inhibit immune responses. This reflects the normal chronological pattern of immune responses to a challenge. This means the course of capsules must be taken in strict order. Once you start a course you should complete it. For acute infections one can take up to 4 daily. For chronic disease the usual dose is one daily.

It can be used in any condition associated with acute or chronic inflammation which may be due to chronic infection with virus (not bacteria or fungi), allergy or autoimmunity. It can be combined with other treatments and is particularly helpful for the very sick patient who is intolerant to all else. It is an effective, safe and simple intervention and that appeals greatly to me! A month’s course is about 50 Euros.


  • Capsules are taken, in order, once a day in 10 day cycles. If they are prescribed at the rate of 4 daily then again take in order – so 10 capsules last 2.5 days.
  • Take on rising by pouring the contents of capsule under the tongue and letting it dissolve. Do not eat breakfast for at least 30 minutes. It contains some lactose and sucrose as an excipient.


Micro-immunotherapy for ACUTE viral infection

Apply Groundhog ACUTE

Clinical problem Preparation Labo’Life Clinical picture Dose Notes – all below work well in parallel with antivirals
Any acute infection Sudden illness, malaise. Possibly fever, rash, aching See “The Infection Game” for details of treating all acute infections
Genital Herpes 2L HERP Acute and chronic recurrent herpes outbreaks At the first sign take up to 4 capsules daily for 2 days. THEN reduce to one daily.

Use daily for one year then 10 capsules per month

Again can be combined with antivirals

ALSO use topical Lugol’s iodine 15%. And Groundhog ACUTE

For herpes prevention Take one daily for at least 6 months
Varicella zoster 2L SONA Chicken pox and shingles At the first sign take up to 4 capsules daily until rash starts to go THEN reduce to one daily Again can be combined with antivirals

ALSO use topical Lugol’s iodine 15%. And Groundhog ACUTE

Following shingles always look for the under-lying cause of immuno- suppression - -which may be a tumour

Micro-immunotherapy for CHRONIC viral infection

Apply Groundhog CHRONIC

  • FIRST - we need some evidence of infection from the clinical history and picture, such as Armin tests and antibody titres. If not sure start with 2L EID.
  • SECOND - it would be good to know if the immune system is over or under-reacting to the virus. This is where lymphocyte typing can help as it tells us if there is over-reaction or under-reaction. One measure is of T4 and T8 cells and the ratio between the two. However, in practical reality, almost always the immune system is exhausted and under-reacting. Remember if there is viral reactivation (eg in shingles) this amounts to an immune failure ie under-reacting.
Clinical problem Preparation Labo’Life Clinical picture Dose Notes
Chronic EBV [Epstein Barr Virus] 2L EBV 80% of post viral ME is EBV driven Take one daily

Follow the sequence of 10 tabs

May take 5-6 weeks to respond - -continue treatment for 6-12 months
Chronic CMV [Cytomegalovirus] 2L CMV Many PWME carry this virus too Take one daily

Follow the sequence of 10 tabs

Almost any virus! Or not sure which 2L EID Good for patients who seem to pick up every virus going OR those who cannot tolerate specific remedies Ditto Other remedies could be added in after 2 months - typically the EBV remedy
Works well for children picking up viruses at school Children receive the same dose as adults
Hepatitis B, C D 2L HC

Micro-immunotherapy for non-specific use when an incitant is not clear

Apply Groundhog CHRONIC

Clinical problem Preparation Labo’Life Clinical picture Dose Notes
Disturbed sleep 2L SLEEP REG Inflammation and sleep disturbance Take one daily one hour before bedtime

Follow the sequence of 10 tabs

We know that inflammation disturbs sleep
Brain going slow 2L MEM SENIOR Foggy brain Ditto Has also been used in students swatting for exams with good results!
Arthritis 2L ARTH Painful joints eg arthritis such as acute rheumatoid or gout Ditto Arthritis is so often driven by microbes from the fermenting gut - -so PK diet and vit C to bowel tolerance essential!
Chronic inflammation 2L INFLAM Widespread inflammation such as fibromyalgia Ditto Ditto above
Inflammatory bowel disease 2L MICI Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis
Very sick patients 2L MISEN Who seem to react to whatever is tried Ditto The idea is to make the immune system less twitchy!

Micro-immunotherapy for Allergy

Apply Groundhog CHRONIC

Clinical problem Preparation Labo’Life Clinical picture Dose ALWAYS follow the numerical order as detailed on the blister packet (even if you forget to take a dose!) Notes
Allergy to inhalants 2L ALERG For acute inflammation such as hayfever Use up to 4 capsules daily in 4 doses – following the numerical order detailed on the packet Taken like this it has an anti-histamine like action
... and possibly foods 2L ALERG To prevent hayfever and possibly food allergies Take one daily for 3 months before the season Works reasonably well but probably not as effective as Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation (EPD)

Accessing micro-immunotherapy

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