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A patient of mine, Craig Robinson, who also happens to be a mathematician, kindly offered to work out the arithmetic of this ratio. Thank you! For anyone interested in how it can be calculated for any 2 oils, do read on!

How to work out the proportions of 2 oils

We want to mix 2 different oils, say olive oil and linseed oil, in such a way that we achieve the 4:1 ratio of omega 6 oils to omega 3 oils in the mixture. This means that we need the percentage of omega 6 to be 80.

For the purpose of our equation, let the percentage of olive oil be x, and the percentage of linseed oil be y. Clearly:

x + y = 1

We therefore have:

Oil \ Omega Omega 3 Omega 6
Olive 1 10
Linseed 1 0.3

As has been said earlier - we need % of omega 6 to be 80. So, we need:

                           Omega 6
                                             =  0.8        
                          Omega 6 + Omega 3 

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