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  1. Treatment of mitochondrial failure as per handout.
    My experience so far is that this works reliably well, but it takes moths to respond, not weeks, but improvement is sustained month on month. What gets in the way is allergy - that is to say tolerating the supplements.
  2. Eat a low carbohydrate low sugar diet.
    Most calories should come from protein, fat and complex carbohydrates requiring gut fermentation by probiotics - these ferment carbohydrates into short chain fatty acids which are the desirable fuel for mitochondria. Eating sugar provides immediate substrate for glycolysis.
  3. The muscle problem.
    There is a fine balance to be judged here! When the muscle is in acute spasm and in pain, the worst thing you can possibly do is to exercise it because it will simply make everything much worse. However, the muscle does require blood circulation in order to heal and repair and this can be encouraged by muscle relaxants (such as diazepam), improving trace mineral status (imbalance of magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium can cause a tendency to cramp and muscle spasm), heat (to improve blood supply), and ideally massage or toning tables. The idea here is that the muscle is gently and rhythmically squashed, which therefore improves the circulation of the muscle, but without the muscle having to do any work. Painkillers may be helpful because the body's response to pain is muscle spasm.
    However, if the muscle feels completely fine and is not painful at all then it should be exercised gently on a daily basis. Obviously, the more exercise one can tolerate the better, but as soon as it switches into pain, you must stop or you simply make the situation much worse. Gentle daily use of the muscles, therefore, improves the circulation and helps the muscle to clear toxic metabolites which trigger the above problems. This may be why yoga or Pilates exercises are often helpful in fibromyalgia. However, do not use painkillers to allow exercise - this may make things much worse!
  4. Improve antioxidant status.
    As soon as muscle starts to become painful and release toxic metabolites, there is secondary muscle damage by free radicals. Having good antioxi

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