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My book "The Energy Equation - from The Naked Ape to The Knackered Ape" IS NOW AVAILABLE IN AUDIO
See Hammersmiths Books Link for Audio Version of The Energy Equation (£9.99)

You can still buy "The Energy Equation" in print form from my Online Shop.

For full details of The Energy Equation, please see here

"The Energy Equation" cover


Following many requests for audio productions of my books, I am very pleased to announce that "The Energy Equation" is now available in audio form.

During the reading of the book, the listener is signposted to various Tables, which are too involved to 'be read out'.

So the listener is advised to refer these Tables, either within the physical version of the book, or on my website, or on the website of my publisher, Hammersmith Books.

This webpage, then, is where the listener can find pdf copies of those Tables, which can either be viewed online, or downloaded and printed off.

The Tables are referenced exactly the same as in the printed version of the book, and it is the Table number that the listener is referred to - e.g. "Table 3.1" (the first table in Chapter 3).

Claire Vousden - Voice Artist

I was very fortunate to obtain the services of Claire Vousden - Voice Artist Website to do the voice-over work on this book.

See also IMDb Entry for Claire Vousden

Claire has done an amazing job, so much so that I am happy to put my name to the following testimonial:

Claire demonstrates an effortless mastery of the core skills of an accomplished voice artist – clear diction, consistency of speech, and an ability to deal with technical nomenclature. Above this, however, there is more; Claire instils into each sentence such a clear meaning of the text that the hard work of understanding is taken away from the listener, who can simply sit back and absorb the author’s words. There is a warmth in Claire’s voice also, which acts as an unobtrusive and kindly bridge between book and audience. We have no hesitation in recommending her on the basis of her voice skills alone, but equally as important, Claire has an easy manner, which made the process of the production of our audio book as seamless as is possible.

The Tables

Here you will find the Tables referred to in the audio version of "The Energy Equation"

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