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Please see My book - Paleo-Ketogenic: The Why and The How for more detail.



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Cautionary Note!

Some are tempted to skip this page, which is primarily designed for the severely fatigued who are unable to cook meals for themselves and require carers to shop and cook for them. I would advise against this - there are also some excellent meal ideas here for the less fatigued and especially for those who are busy and need some ‘quick meal’ options.


The meal suggestions and foods listed below do not make for inexpensive meals. However, the idea of this starting phase is to get into ketosis with minimal expenditure of time and energy. Once keto-adapted, energy levels improve so you can then move onto the recipes in subsequent chapters. The severely fatigued will need help with ordering these foods.

Initially you cannot rely simply on what you eat and how much you eat to know that you have done enough to get into ketosis. Some people can eat 100 grams of carbs per day and get into ketosis. Some have to reduce to below 30 grams (includes me – dammit!). So, use ketostix to test your urine to show you are in ketosis - -this is necessary because we are all different as above! Here is an Amazon link for buying ketostix - Ketostix Link Generally, men move into ketosis more easily than women. This is because female sex hormones are conducive to metabolic syndrome.

With time you will learn to recognise the “feel” of ketosis so ketostix will become a thing of the past.

If you really struggle to get through the metabolic hinterland

Remember that the metabolic hinterland is described here

If after two weeks you feel terrible and cannot get into ketosis consider the following common reasons:

  • Alcohol is a solvent and so a sweet drink results in a very rapid rise in blood sugar. For example, beer has a higher glycaemic index than sugar. The hormonal responses to blood sugar are proportionate to the rate of change of blood sugar rather than the absolute level. See "Prevent and Cure Diabetes - delicious diets not dangerous drugs for more detail on this. Furthermore, alcohol stimulates insulin release directly and so a sugar free alcoholic drink is almost as bad. Artificial sweeteners also destabilise blood sugar.
  • Are you fooling yourself? Addiction makes us rationalise the irrational and deny the bleeding obvious. An insulin spike (from a moment of indiscretion such as snaffling a bar of cheap chocolate or a bag of crisps or a biscuit, usually because “I deserve it”) will spike insulin and switch off fat burning for many hours. This means you will have a window of time of some hours when you cannot access fuel either from carbs (because the sugar spike has been pushed into fat by insulin) or from fat (because insulin blocks this). This may mean you feel awful for those hours. Knowing this is good incentive to say on the wagon!
  • A ketogenic diet is demanding of minerals – you may need extra. Sunshine Salt is the correct physiological mix and also delicious!
  • To be able to fat burn you need thyroid hormones – get your thyroid checked! See Thyroid - the correct prescribing of thyroid hormones and Thyroid profile: free T3, free T4 and TSH
  • The Pill and HRT drive metabolic syndrome and inhibit fat burning. These hormones induce a pregnancy like hormonal state with many of the risks associated with such; namely high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, mental health disease, thrombosis and immune suppression.

Meal Suggestions Table

Meal Suggestion Notes
Breakfast Pot of cocos yoghurt 125gms Mix in ground linseed. Adjust the amount to prevent constipation. Once keto-adapted the PK bread takes over this function
Alpro vanilla yoghurt 200gms

Or Provamel, which is also sugar free

Fat satisfies the appetite
Cocos mixed berry yoghurt 125gms Ditto
Lunch and supper. Starters 2 x avocado pears. Large dollop mayonnaise.Slices salami. Parma ham. Celery stick with pate. Cucumber, tomato. Sauerkraut. Pickled gherkin. Coleslaw Tinned vegetable low carb soup – stir in dollop of tinned coconut milk to give it substance
Coconut paleo wraps – expensive but delicious ….use sparingly Care!………a single 14 gram wrap contains 3 grams of carbohydrate
Main course Cold meat – ham, chicken etc.Tinned fish or shellfish.Tinned meat.Smoked mackerel fillets

Tofu or quorn with pesto.Washed salad – just open the package!

Puddings Cocos yoghurt.Soya yoghurt.Berries (fresh or frozen) with large dollop of Grace coconut milk If still hungry drink the Grace coconut milk. This is by far and away the best coconut milk. Insist on the carton which for some odd reason is far superior to the tinned.
Snacks Pork scratchings. Olives. 85% dark chocolate. Spoonful of nut butter (eat off the spoon)


Use neem tooth picks if meat gets stuck between teeth. Always count the carbs of nuts and nut butters because it is easy to overdo them.
Drinks. Ad lib Coffee with large dollop coconut cream. Black tea. Herbal teas. Sparkling water Caffeine has a long half-life and may disturb sleep. Avoid after 2pm.

Weekly Shopping List

As time goes by, you will have increased energy levels and so you will be able to vary your diet and move onto the recipes in My book - Paleo-Ketogenic: The Why and The How

The idea here is to keep it very simple and also to have foods that can be ordered online and delivered to your house so as to reduce energy expended on shopping expeditions.

I have included 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 suppers below and some snacks too – there is one snack per day in this list. Regarding drinks, do concentrate on water – limit coffee and tea to a maximum of 3 cups a day.

For ease of shopping, I have listed the items and how to search for them on Ocado – where items are not generally available from Ocado, I have included Amazon alternatives. Of course, other major supermarkets will also be able to provide most of what is needed in a “one stop shop”. Once you have done one or two shops, things will become much easier.

If you look elsewhere, always look at the labels which detail the carbohydrate content of foods - these are very helpful. The carbohydrate values given on labels are normally total carbs which include all starches, sugars and fibre. I prefer to use net carbs (sugars and starches, with fibre excluded) on the grounds that fibre does not spike blood sugar but is fermented into short chain fatty acids. Linseed is a good example – it is low carb because although 100grams contains 29grams of total carb, 27grams is fibre and so just 2grams is starch and sugar.

You will need to tailor these suggestions to you personally so that you get into, and remain in ketosis – do not take these suggested meals as guarantors of ketosis! Also, these are examples only and you will become bored if you rigidly eat these meals in rotation – they are examples of the “no preparation, no cooking meals” that are suitable for getting you into ketosis.



  • 3 x ‘natural’ Cocos yoghurt 125gms
  • 2 x mixed berry Cocos yoghurt 125gms
  • 1 x Alpro vanilla yoghurt 500gms - [to cover 2 breakfasts with a bit left over!]


  • Two avocados (say, 200 grams) with mayonnaise
  • Large dollop mayonnaise
  • Salami – just one ‘stick’
  • Celery stick and pate – Celery [350gms] - should last 2 meals. Farmhouse pork Pate - 100gms in 2 servings of 50gms – lasts 2 meals
  • Cucumber and tomato – Cucumber - should last 2 meals. Tomatoes – 6 pack – should last 2 meals
  • Sauerkraut – 350gms – should last 3 meals
  • Carrot and Coconut soup – 400gms


  • Tinned ham [200gms] -may have to make this last for 2 meals – 125 gms would be ideal
  • Corned beef [200gms] -may have to make this last for 2 meals – 125 gms would be ideal
  • Tinned mackerel – in tomato sauce [125gms]
  • Tinned tuna [160gms]
  • Tinned sardines in spicy tomato [120gms]
  • Quorn with mozzarella and pesto sauce –lasts 2 meals – see table below.
  • Washed salad

[Occasional Coconut paleo wraps]

  • Cocos natural yoghurt [125gms]
  • Cocos mixed berry yoghurt [125gms]
  • Cocos strawberry yoghurt [125gms]
  • 50gms Blueberries from freezer with dollop of coconut cream
  • 50gms Raspberries from freezer with dollop of coconut cream
  • 50gms gooseberries from freezer with dollop of coconut cream
  • 50gms strawberries from freezer with dollop of coconut cream

Same Starter, Main and Pudding suggestions as for LUNCHES – mix and match!


  • 2 SNACKS- Black Country No Nonsense Pork Scratchings one bag – twice a week
  • 2 SNACKS - One bar Green and Black’s 85% dark chocolate – half a bar counts as one snack – use twice a week
  • 1 SNACK – one scoop of Macadamia Nut butter [or hazelnut nut butter]
  • 1 SNACK Olives - snack on say 30gms
  • 1 SNACK – Biltong - snack on say 25gms


  • Chia seeds – say 50gms to add to yoghurts to taste, as and when
  • Linseed – say 50gms to add to yoghurts to taste, as and when - lasts longer than one week
  • Coconut milk – to fill up on if you are still hungry at night – 400mls should last about one week. I prefer Grace Coconut Milk
  • Coconut cream – for use with berries as a pudding – 200gms should last about a week



This list covers all the food items needed for all the meals as listed above. Some of these items will last longer than one week – go by the advice above as to how much to eat!

Shopping Item Go to Ocado and search for... If not on Ocado, go to Amazon and search for...
5 x ‘natural’ Cocos yoghurt [125gms] ‘Cocos Natural Yoghurt’ and select size
4 x Cocos mixed berry yoghurt [125gms] ‘Cocos Mixed berry Yoghurt’ and select size
2 x Cocos strawberry yoghurt[125gms] ‘Cocos strawberry Yoghurt’ and select size
1 x Alpro vanilla yoghurt 500gms ‘Alpro Vanilla Yoghurt’ and select size
4 x Avocados [100gms each] ‘Avocados’ and select size
Mayonnaise ‘Mayonnaise’ and choose to your liking – ‘Delouis’ looks good!
Pack of 6 serious pig snacking salami ‘Salami snacking’ – and choose your own if no “Serious Pig” available – “Rutland Charcuterie” looks good! ‘Serious Pig Classic Snacking Salami (Pack of 6)’
350gms Celery ‘Celery sticks 350g’
100gms Farmhouse Pork Pate ‘Waitrose Farmhouse Pork Pate 100g’
One cucumber ‘Cucumber’ and select size – “full wholegood organic” or “Waitrose”
Pack of 6 tomatoes ‘6 tomatoes’ –“essential Waitrose” or “Ocado”
350gms pot Organic Sauerkraut ‘Organic Sauerkraut 350g’
Carrot and coconut soup 400 gms ‘Carrot and Coconut Soup’
2 x 200gms Tinned ham ‘Tinned Ham’ and select size
2 x 200gms Corned Beef ‘Corned Beef’ and select size
2 x 125mg tinned mackerel in tomato sauce ‘Tinned Mackerel, Tomato’ and select size
Pack of 4 X 160gms Tinned Tuna ‘Tinned Tuna’ and select size
2 x 120gms tinned sardines in spicy tomato ‘Tinned Sardines, Spicy’ and select size
2 wraps [240gms] Quorn – with mozzarella and pesto sauce - ‘Quorn Mozzarella & Pesto Escalopes 240g’
2 x washed salad in a bag ‘Salad Bag’ and choose to your taste
Pack of 14 paleo coconut wraps NO EQUIVALENT – expensive – Amazon purchase should last weeks! ‘Paleo Wraps (Coconut Wraps)(14 Wraps)’
150gms blueberries ‘Blueberries’ and select size
150gms raspberries ‘Raspberries’ and select size
200gms gooseberries ‘Gooseberries’ – these are “British Cooking Gooseberries” – not always in stock – see opposite Waitrose online stocks ‘Cooks’ Ingredients Gooseberries’ and Sainsbury’s online stock ‘400gms Gooseberries’
227gms strawberries ‘Strawberries’ and select size
Black Country No Nonsense Pork Scratchings ‘Pork Crackling’ and select your own if no “Black Country” – “Awfully Posh” crackling looks good! ‘Black Country No Nonsense Pork Scratchings (24 Bags)’
Green and Black’s 85% dark chocolate ‘Green and Black’s 85%’ – one bar per week
Macademia Nut Butter ‘Macademia Nut butter’
Pot Olives ‘Olives’ and choose to taste
Biltong ‘Biltong’ and choose to taste
Chia Seeds ‘Chia seeds’ and choose to taste
Linseed ‘Linseed’ and choose to taste
Coconut milk ‘400ml Coconut milk’ and choose to taste ‘Grace Coconut Milk’. You can order 12 x 1 litre cartons in one go.
Coconut cream ‘Biona Creamed coconut 200gms’

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