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As I get older, my treatments get simpler. I have a very basic package of treatment that everybody should undergo, regardless of whether they are well or ill. For people who are well this increases their level of health and slows the normal ageing process. For people who are not well, very often following the general approach is all they need to do in order to restore themselves to good health. This is the approach that athletes should be using to improve performance. Nobody can fail to feel better as a result of applying these principles.

So, whoever walks through my door for whatever reason gets put on the general approach. It can't be done overnight; one has to move slowly towards it. It is always hard work and entails major lifestyle changes. But one should realise that cancer, arterial disease and neuro-degenerative disease (Alzheimers's Parkinson's etc) are inevitable consequences of Western lifestyles. Do not wait until you get your diagnosis before doing something about it. These conditions are largely preventable by doing the following NOW:

The essential package for all!

  • Eat a paleo ketogenic diet.
Please see The Paleo Ketogenic Diet - this is a diet which we all should follow , The Paleo Ketogenic Diet - meals which require no cooking or preparation . The Paleo Ketogenic Diet - PK Bread and The Paleo Ketogenic Diet - PK Dairy See also - My book - Paleo-Ketogenic: The Why and The How
  • Take nutritional supplements, including a daily dose of sunshine
Nutritional Supplements
  • Get a good night's sleep on a regular basis
Sleep is vital for good health
  • Get the right balance between work, rest and play
Exercise and Exercise - the right sort If you have CFS, please see here Exercise - the right sort in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Do a good chemical clean up of your environment
Do A Good Chemical Clean-Up
  • Detox regimes - either regular exercise or saunaing
Detoxing - Far Infrared Sauna (FIRS)
  • Look after your friendly bacteria on the skin, gut and perineum
Hygiene hypothesis - good bugs and bad bugs

"Bolt-On" Extras

It is a little like the old Irish joke - when he asked the way to Dublin, the traveller was told "Well if I were you I would not start from here!". But here we are - the starting point of treatment for any illness or symptom is all of the above! It may take considerable time and effort just to get into the starting blocks!

We then have the "bolt on extras" for particular problems which may be fatigue, bowel problems, breathing problems, arthritis or whatever.

Many people go to doctors expecting a simple "bolt on extra" which does not entail any major lifestyle changes. This at best can only afford short-term benefit. Worse than that, many people are prescribed symptom-suppressing drugs which may mask or even accelerate the underlying disease process. Asthma is a classical example - 50 years ago childhood asthma was considered a benign self-limiting illness which all children grew out of - now the blue and the brown (and other coloured!) inhalers mean long-term treatment, often for life. Arthritis again is often treated with NSAIs (aspirin-like drugs) which we now know shorten the time between pain starting and hip replacement!

Also look at all the articles in Your very good health!

To find your way round this website and locate those pages for your personal "bolt-ons", see this page - How this website works

Many people have had standard medical tests done and been told that the test results are all normal, and that therefore they are healthy. This is not necessarily so! The tests may give normal results because they are asking the wrong questions, or they may not have been fully interpreted with borderline results possibly ignored. See Test results and what they mean.

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