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My books, "Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis - it's mitochondria, not hypochondria" and "Sustainable Medicine - Whistle-blowing on 21st century medical practice" are now both published in the US by Chelsea Green.

Chelsea Green has an interesting history and ethos - please see Wikepedia article on Chelsea Green.

Buying these books from Chelsea Green

Here are the links to buy these books:

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis book cover
Sustainable Medicine book cover

"Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis"

This is the 2nd edition of my book "Diagnosis and Treatment of CFS and ME". The 1st edition of this book was awarded a Highly Commended Certificate at the British Medical Association Book Awards in 2015 - please see British Medical Association Book Awards 2015

I have fully updated and revised the book for this 2nd edition. There are many new chapters and new content and a more accessible, easy-to-follow lay out, as explained below. There are now 24 chapters and 11 appendices.

Two new key features are as follows:

  • The book is divided into 3 sections, being
    • The Introduction
    • The Theory
    • The Practical Guide as to how to get better

The Introduction covers some of the politics of CFS/ME and also the clinical picture. The Theory section covers the detail of the biology of what causes CFS/ME and The Practical section tells you what to do to feel better. For those with limited energy and brain fogginess, it is perfectly possible to 'skip' the first 2 sections and dive straight into the third section and start putting into practice immediately the 'tools of the trade' so that you can begin your road to recovery. Once you feel better, you can then go back to the first 2 sections and understand why you are feeling better!

  • Chapter Summaries

Each chapter has a chapter summary. Again this is useful for those who are severely fatigued and maybe have difficulty concentrating or who suffer with brain fog. The chapter summary pulls out the key points for you to keep in mind.

Both of these changes to layout are intended to make this book more 'CFS/ME friendly'. I have also made changes to paragraphing as I know that large chunks of writing can be daunting!

"Sustainable Medicine"

Sustainable Medicine is based on the premise that twenty-first century Western medicine — driven by vested interests — is failing to address the root causes of disease. Symptom-suppressing medication and “polypharmacy” have resulted in an escalation of disease and a system of so-called “health care,” which more closely resembles “disease care.”

This book won the People's Book Prize 2016 - the Beryl Bainbridge Best Achievement Award. Please see here for full details - Peoples Book Prize 2016

In this book, I aim to empower people to heal themselves by addressing the underlying causes of their illness. There is a logical progression from identifying symptoms, to understanding the underlying mechanisms, to relevant interventions and tests and tools with which to tackle the root causes. It’s all about asking the question ‘why'?

When the reader progresses along this logical path, she will identify her symptoms and also isolate the mechanisms causing those symptoms. The next step is to lay out the “tools of the trade”, that is the interventions, that can be put in place to treat those mechanisms as identified. These interventions are “sustainable” in that they reverse, not escalate, disease processes.

The logical path is now complete:

Symptoms => Mechanisms of disease => Sustainable Treatments (“tools of the trade”) to treat and reverse these Mechanisms

This book covers a wide range of symptoms including inflammation (infection, allergy, autoimmunity), fatigue, pain, toxic symptoms, deficiency symptoms, and hormonal symptoms. I lay out a toolbox of treatments for specific illnesses and ailments, as well as a general approach to avoiding and treating all disease. Finally, there is a series of case histories to show how people have successfully taken control of their health and healed even in the face of the most discouraging symptoms — all without the harmful interventions of 21st century Western medicine.

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