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How this website works

Looking for information

This website contains a large number of articles relating to many aspects of many different medical conditions as well as information about a number of diagnostic tests. The articles are assigned to one of the categories listed at the bottom of this page (to the left of this message). You can search for information on this website in two ways.

Using Search function

The search facility is really brilliant and when you type in a word or phrase, you will be given a list of articles with that word or phrase in the title, i.e. "Page title matches" and/or a list of pages in which that word or phrase appears in its context, called "Page text matches". This makes pinpointing the relevant results easy.

Browsing categories

Secondly, you can click on one of the categories displayed on the left of this page, and browse through all the articles in that section. To return to the list of articles in the same category, click the link to the category name in the very bottom of the article or click the "Back" button.

Ordering tests

If you are visiting my website with a view to ordering one or more tests, then you can either search for the test you want, or browse through the list of tests, or you can follow the link to the test from the relevant article. All the details of how this can be arranged are found in Ordering Tests. A copy of the result will be sent to your GP so please, make sure you have given me his postal and e-mail addresses (if the latter available).


Please, do not send in from my website enquiries about acute medical problems, i.e. sudden serious symptoms. I am not in a position to reply to each query personally and give medical advice. I work on my own in my practice and am often away for 2 - 3 days at a time; I cannot guarantee that I will view all e-mail messages every day.

If you are experiencing unusual or new symptoms which worry you, you must report them to your GP/medical practitioner and/or to your local hospital Accident and Emergency Department.

Whilst we have taken all reasonable measures to ensure confidentiality and security of personal information exchanged through this website, it has to be remembered that information sent through the internet can be intercepted. If you have concerns about this, then please let my staff know, in which case all the correspondence and transactions can be conducted by post.