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  • ...e end of the day and a night’s rest together with good food restores the energy pot for the next day. ...flu and all his energy goes into the immunological department so he has no energy left for mental, physical or emotional work. That person becomes bed bound
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  • ...ate round the body. Too little pressure causes fatigue. Low blood pressure in this country is usually a cause for congratulation by the medical professio Blood pressure is created as a combination of three factors, in order of importance:
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  • ...present throughout the body - in the lungs, the gut, the urinary tract and in the blood, and the immune system is constantly battling to keep the numbers ...n your body - <u>nurture your immune system</u>. Read about how to do that in '''[[Swine flu]]'''
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  • ...depression - exercise tends to improve people who are simply depressed. In CFS the desire is there but the performance is lacking. However, all CFSs tend hopeless. It is vital to work out exactly how much you can or can't do in a day - and then do less.
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  • ...nd anxiety (only alleviated by more alcohol). Longer-term use could result in severe depression and then dementia - examples include Korsakoff's psychosi ==Good Energy Supply to the Brain==
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  • ...d so none is wasted. This is an essential evolutionary survival mechanism. In response to any stress (physical, psychological, mental or whatever) the ge ...ntinue with this car-body analogy) must have an engine, i.e. mitochondria, in a fit state to respond to the adrenal hormone kick.
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  • I am grateful to a patient of mine who had ME/CFS for sharing with us all her wonderfully positive approach to illness and ad on. But I've come up with a theory, which is helping me, of how to grow energy and help lead us back to health.
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  • a toxin free life. This does not mean you need to run around half naked in a rabbit skin loin cloth depriving yourself of the pleasures of 21st Centur [In fact, more often I now prescribe the ketogenic diet - please see '''[[Ketog
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  • ...y of them mimic our own hormones, thereby disrupting the delicate hormonal balance within all of us. ...ould undergo regular detox - even people who are well. Because we all live in such a polluted world, we should probably sauna once a week just to stay he
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  • ...- please see here first</font></font>''' - '''[[Exercise - the right sort in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome]]''' ...people hate exercise and therefore need to exercise in the most time- and energy-efficient way!
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  • ...keep warm and conserve energy during the cold nights and then sleep again in the afternoons when it is too hot to work and hide away from the midday sun ...d neurological damage and for some this virus wiped out their sleep centre in the brain. This meant they were unable to sleep at all. All these poor peop
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  • Fibromyalgia is just a symptom - it just means pain in the muscles. It occurs very commonly with chronic fatigue syndrome because ==How energy is produced in cells==
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  • 3. Because there is an element of autoimmunity in prion disorders, tackle [[Autoimmune diseases - the environmental approach B3 (niacinamide) 500mg daily combined with magnesium 400mg daily. See [[CFS - The Central Cause: Mitochondrial Failure]]
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  • ...and 80 beats per minute with the rate slightly speeding up as one breathes in and slightly slowing down as one breathes out. Fit athletes have a slower p your lifestyle and address the underlying factors that are causing them in order that they do not progress onto anything more serious.
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  • ...s not been used for some time, eg on rising from sleep, or from having sat in one position for some time their first movement has to be particularly slow ...nd rarely report cramp. This group seem to have high intracellular calcium in the presence of adequate magnesium. Those who suffer spasm and cramp when t
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  • ...mbalances can be recognized, and then goes on to describe what can be done in order to correct these imbalances. Many of these interventions I already re ...rised Braverman's findings but you can read about them in much more detail in his book. Please see '''[
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  • ...ciplined with respect to diet, sleep, micronutrient supplements, the right balance between work and rest, detox regimes and so on.. ...ings for themselves has the best chance of getting better. I can point you in the right direction, but you have to do the donkey work!
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  • condition Cushing's syndrome. The name of the game is to get the right balance. To achieve this both hormones must be measured. This can be done with the .... It is actually metabolically very inefficient because it uses up lots of energy, but totally desirable if one has to fight for one's life! This reaction is
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  • ...tructure of the membrane and how liquid it is depends on the fats that are in it. If the composition of membranes change, then they will either become mo anaesthetics, tranquillisers, pain killers and anti-inflammatories work in this way.
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  • ...ucts (but not prescription medications) either referred to in this page or in other pages on this website can be bought from my online shop [http://sales ...from Australia for providing essential information! I spent a day with him in January 2015 and new information has been added to this webpage as a result
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  • ...osis, mycoplasma, HHV, Epstein Barr, cytomegalovirus etc. being present in CFS patients together with various trials showing benefits from anti-microbials *'''[[Chronic viral presence in CFS/ME]]'''
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