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I can motivate at an intellectual level by giving the arguments as to why you should stop smoking. The trouble is that usually does not work. Smokers do not want togive up! Most people, to give up smoking, have to have the pants frightened off them. For some people they have to wait until they have a heart attack - suddenly mortality looms - and they stop. It is a risky strategy! For some, seeing a relative or friend die from lung cancer or airways disease is enough, i.e. the motivation has to come from an emotional level in order to make the change.

Most smokers are what I call natural addicts. They tend to get hooked on things. The common addictions are sugar, caffeine, chocolate, nicotine and alcohol (I love 'em all except nicotine - I dare not try it!). So initially swap from nicotine addiction to caffeine, chocolate and/or sugar. Or even take up a healthy addiction like running (probably too much to ask).

Once you have swapped nicotine addiction for another, you then have to tone that down. All addictions cause long term problems.

You can try the nicotine patches or gum.

Hypnosis works for some.

But at the end of the day it's all about will power.

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